Mobile Broadband for FirstNet

The US’s Next Generation Public Safety Network

With the Nokia Mobile Broadband Solution for FirstNet, emergency response agencies are afforded new applications to help them keep the public and critical infrastructure safe. This includes high-definition video, digital imaging, geographic information systems (GIS), Web access, automatic vehicle location (AVL), Voice over IP (VoIP), interoperability with LMR systems and much more.

Including the LTE 4G solution, the Mobile Broadband Solution for FirstNet provides the basis for the nationwide interoperability of the future, required for the deployment of FirstNet in the US. LTE provides multiple benefits that enhance situational awareness, decision making, response times and safety for first responders themselves


Greater interoperability and enhanced interagency cooperation

  • Standardized protocols and interfaces
  • Built-in roaming capacities
  • Sophisticated quality of service (QoS) toolbox, including priority access mechanisms that authorize and prioritize communication and provide guaranteed and differentiated QoS to applications

Unprecedented broadband capabilities

  • High capacity, allowing a wide variety of applications that have rich, multimedia content
  • Low latency, enabling real-time services (VoIP, video)
  • Much faster than 3G

Cost-Effective Communications

  • Delivers a simplified all-IP architecture that lowers operating costs
  • Leverages a rich, open ecosystem from commercial networks
  • Complements existing narrowband radio networks
  • Makes private networks more economically feasible

High Reliability and Security


  • Supports a geographically redundant, IP-based architecture, reducing single points of failure
  • Supports encryption/ciphering on both control and user planes, enabling secure communications

LTE Radio Access Network (RAN)

An over-the-air link to all devices.

Evolved Packet Core Solution (EPC)

The network intelligence with essential signaling and transport control functions for secure, prioritized multimedia communications.

Mobile Backhaul Solution

Flexible, scalable and simplified IP/MPLS and packet microwave radio mobile backhaul solutions that enable delivery of increased mobile capacity and coverage with required quality of service. Optimized for macro cell and small cell backhaul requirements; handles today’s LMR backhaul, along with all traffic types including TDM, Ethernet and IP to enable a converged network infrastructure.

Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Platform offers common session control layer for open standards based non-mission-critical Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on FirstNet network once VoLTE clients are available on Band 14 LTE devices.  Combined with the Rich Communications Suite, it delivers a standards-based presence enabled voice and messaging solution allowing first responders to roam the entire FirstNet network without losing connectivity.

5620 Service Aware Manager

End-to-end network management across RAN, backhaul and EPC to simplify management and enhance performance for mission-critical traffic. Optional systems extend management to existing LMR systems and devices for a comprehensive single view for managing all network resources.

This Alcatel-Lucent lead program brings companies together to create innovative applications for first responders that include facial recognition, mass casualty monitoring, network connected media command table, and real-time video sharing, as well as Band 14 devices.