Public Safety

Secure end-to-end solutions for mission-critical mobile broadband

The public safety community has long called for mobile broadband to support its mission to save lives. Nokia has been involved every step of the way – helping to match the requirements with the appropriate technical solutions, and also efficiently managing customer networks to ensure smooth operations at all times.

Public safety agencies need efficient, interoperable communications solutions with support for video and data services that help them plan resources more efficiently, respond to crisis situations faster, and maintain the safety of citizens and emergency service workers. They also need a system that is affordable to construct and use.

The legacy narrowband networks are voice-centric, and cannot cater for the high-speed data requirements. LTE technology and products are available today for mission-critical data, while the mission-critical voice for group communications is now standardized and can be provided with a software upgrade in the network.

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Public safety customers require different solutions ranging from robust broadband infrastructure to rapidly deployable systems for disaster recovery and temporary coverage. Our latest innovation in this area is Nokia Ultra Compact Network.

We are a trusted vendor in the industry with a comprehensive, future-proof product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers with secure, highly scalable and agile networks. We combine our leading technology and services with industry-specific devices, applications and interworking functions for legacy systems to meet all your requirements.

Our professional services offer different types of business models to support the needs of the industry. To reduce the deployment time, we can implement the network, make it operational and stable, and finally transfer the fully operational network to the customer - including the latest technology upgrades.

  • LTE enables innovative broadband services like real-time video streaming, rapid database access and location-based services.
  • Security and quality of the end-to-end solution guaranteed by Nokia – no need to contact numerous vendors.
  • Future-proof solution based on 3GPP standardized technology. Public safety specific features are available as software upgrade.
  • Open interfaces ensure that you can involve local integration partners for the deployment.
  • Our portable solutions with small form factor can establish connectivity in minutes.
  • Nokia has been in the public safety field working with government customers for over 60 years.
  • We are a leading supplier of LTE technology to the world’s largest operators across the globe.
  • With built-in security features, our LTE network helps first responders run their operations more efficiently and securely.
  • Our professional services help you with all kinds of deployments. We can help manage your network and service operations and to enable also customized use cases.
  • We manage some of the largest public safety networks globally. For example, we operate a nation-wide mission-critical radio network for one of the largest TETRA network operators in Europe.

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Nokia has all the building blocks in place to help mission-critical network operators quickly adopt mobile broadband. We have a comprehensive end-to-end technology and service portfolio:

  • Robust LTE radio and core network that provides the needed coverage, capacity, load balancing, geo-redundancy, prioritization and quality of service.
  • Innovative rapidly deployable solutions with different form factors for emergency and disaster recovery situations and to establish coverage in remote areas.
  • Resilient, secure, quality of service capable transport solutions: IP/MPLS-based backhaul with integrated packet microwave and optical transport to provide shared services network infrastructure. This helps meet the diverse connectivity requirements, and allow for future bandwidth growth.
  • End-to-end security for all network layers, applications and devices.
  • Professional services to meet the specific needs of public safety customers from network design, implementation and integration, to optimization and network management.
  • Industry-specific devices, applications, and interworking functions for legacy systems such as TETRA and P25.

To meet the future needs of mission-critical networks in smart cities and beyond, Nokia provides 5G-ready networks and solutions combined with IoT capabilities and new services such as drone traffic control.