Public Safety

Secure end-to-end public safety solutions for mission-critical mobile broadband

The public safety community has long called for mobile broadband to support its mission to save lives. With the adoption of LTE mobile broadband technology, public safety networks can benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable broadband data and real-time video services, opening up new communications possibilities for rescue missions and disaster recovery situations.

Public safety customers require a variety of solutions, ranging from robust broadband infrastructure to rapidly deployable systems for disaster recovery and temporary coverage. Our latest innovation is Nokia Ultra Compact Network. We also bring industry-specific applications and devices with our Nokia Group Communications , which includes push-to-video (PTV) capabilities.

Nokia professional services reduce deployment time. We can help you find the right deployment model, implement the network and make it operational and fully reliable.

To meet the future needs of mission-critical networks in smart cities and beyond, Nokia provides 5G-ready networks and solutions combined with IoT capabilities and new services such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management.

Nokia Public Safety - Making mission critical broadband a reality today

A comprehensive technology and service portfolio:

  • Robust LTE radio and core network that provides coverage, capacity, load balancing, geo-redundancy, prioritization and quality of service
  • Rapidly deployable solutions for emergency and disaster recovery situations to establish coverage in remote areas
  • Resilient, secure, quality of service capable transport: IP/MPLS-based backhaul with integrated packet microwave and optical transport to provide end-to-end security for all network layers, applications and devices
  • Professional services for public safety from network design, implementation and integration, to optimization and network management
  • Industry-specific devices, applications and interworking functions for legacy systems such as TETRA and P25.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in public safety work and smart cities

Multiple industry sectors, including public safety, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, news and entertainment are embracing the benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). UAVs can be used for

  • Intelligent monitoring and surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Research and exploration
  • Transport and delivery, e.g. medical supplies in remote areas
  • Relays, e.g. WiFi hotspots in the sky

The opportunities are limitless. UAVs can even be used to carry a base station to remote areas to establish mobile coverage, as demonstrated together with EE

To make best use of the benefits, UAV traffic must be carefully managed. Governments and aviation authorities need to ensure safe and secure operation of UAVs in smart cities. UAV protection and security are needed for critical municipal resources.

We understand the need for centralized monitoring and control of UAVs and are working to provide solutions for operators, governments and public safety departments to embrace their benefits. This is achieved with the help of LTE dongles, GPS and access modules for telemetry data with Mobile Edge Computing for wireless data transmission. Nokia demonstrated UAV Traffic Management (UTM) at the 2016 UAE Drones for Good Award event in Dubai.

  • Innovative broadband services like real-time video streaming, rapid database access and location-based services enabled by LTE
  • No need to contact numerous vendors as the security and quality of the end-to-end solution is provided by Nokia
  • Public safety specific features are available as software upgrades. Our solution is based on 3GPP standardized technology meeting future requirements
  • Thanks to our open interfaces, you can also involve also local integration partners in the deployment
  • Establish connectivity in minutes with our small, portable solutions

  • We have been in the public safety field working with government customers for over 60 years
  • We are a leading supplier of LTE technology to the world’s largest operators across the globe
  • With built-in security features, our LTE network helps first responders run their operations more efficiently and securely
  • Our professional services help you with all kinds of deployments. We can help manage your network and service operations and develop solutions for your unique needs

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We offer LTE mobile broadband technology for your public safety network. Authorities, in particular first responders, can benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable broadband data and real-time video services, opening up new communications possibilities for rescue missions and disaster recovery situations.