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Wireless Network Guardian

Improve your end-to-end network analytics and reporting with Wireless Network Guardian

If your network reports that everything is good, why are customers still complaining?

How do you know what are your customer’s device experiences really are in a certain location?

With Nokia Wireless Network Guardian (WNG) you always know what the customer is actually experiencing.

WNG is a real-time analytics tool for end-to-end network analytics and reporting with experiential metrics for network, devices, applications and subscribers. It helps you measure performance, detect anomalies and report airtime, signaling and bandwidth resource consumption.

WNG is a multivendor, multi-technology (2.5G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE) tool that correlates data from 6 dimensions: subscriber, device, application, network, signaling and IP flow.

WNG helps you operate, manage and plan the network based on what the customers are experiencing.


Nokia Wireless Network Guardian delivers clear benefits to our customers:

Improve the customer experience with proactive detection of issues, abnormal interactions and worrisome trends including automatic detection of user anomalies and low QoE score alerts.

Enhance your network: By knowing what the subscriber experiences are in the network. In real-time. All the time. Everywhere.

Enrich network planning: Make more effective investments based on delivering better subscriber quality … where it matters.

Fortify network operations: Instantly spot degrading subscriber experience across locations, applications and devices.

Know how your network is used: Understand which devices, applications and subscribers are consuming the most radio and network resources.


Improve your network planning

Understand from a planning perspective how new devices and applications consume network resources. They can test the impact of new products before launching them

Smooth operations

Identify in real-time spikes in subscriber behavior resulting in network and IP related resource drain

Boost your customer care

Leverage insight and domain expertise to automate use cases related to customer care and self-care

Agile marketing

Recognize important trends in the network, such as application uptake increase or changes in subscriber consumption patterns

Customer Cases

“As our subscribers’ appetite for mobile broadband grows rapidly, Alcatel-Lucent is providing us with the network intelligence we need”
WCP Softbank Subsidiary

“[Nokia] demonstrated that they are ready to deliver innovative, cost-effective, state-of-the art technology and deliver financial value to Sprint”
Sprint Operations & Wholesale