Give your customers the best smartphone experience

Serving nearly two billion people, 3G remains a major force in global telecoms. So it’s important to continue to offer your users the best experience and support the ongoing boom in data demand. Look no further than our WCDMA/HSPA+ portfolio.

Our smartphone friendly HSPA+ offering focuses on meeting operator needs by providing greater downlink and uplink capacity, network elements and features to cope with increasing signaling, smooth 3G-LTE interworking, carrier aggregation and interference cancellation solutions as well as efficient refarming and powerful multipurpose and energy-efficient hardware.

Fresh off the press: We recently launched new features as part of the Nokia Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite - find out more here in our blog.

Leading WCDMA/HSPA+ portfolio for higher efficiency, lower costs and superior customer experience

  • Market-leading data rates
  • Continued evolution in smartphone support, unique features for the smartphone domination
  • Best smartphone experience and improved Quality of Experience
  • Reduced churn
  • Operators’ investment protection by a smooth evolution across all 3GPP technologies with Nokia Single RAN, via software upgrade

  • Nokia has the leading RAN portfolio with more than 200 WCDMA/HSPA radio customers- more than any other vendor.
  • Close to two billion WCDMA subscribers
  • There are more than 500 commercially launched HSPA networsk in more than 200 countries  (source: http://www.gsacom.com/news/statistics )

The latest HSPA+ features and Nokia products are well matched to help you achieve substantial benefits including efficient control of uplink interference, reduced signaling, higher data rates, seamless WCDMA-LTE interworking, better voice quality and more compact products. Nokia is a leading innovator in HSPA+ and has driven many 3GPP improvements.