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Give your customers the best WCDMA/HSPA Smartphone experience

Currently serving around 30% of the global mobile user base, some two billion people worldwide, WCDMA/HSPA is a major force in mobile communications. It’s therefore vital that your subscribers enjoy the best mobile broadband and voice-call experiences. This means supporting the ongoing demand for more and more data while they’re on the move along with the voice-call experiences that you’d expect. Look no further than our high-performance, high-efficiency WCDMA/HSPA portfolio.

Our smartphone friendly WCDMA/HSPA solution focuses on meeting these needs by providing high capacity in both the downlink and uplink, support for the associated increased signalling, smooth WCDMA/HSPA to LTE interworking, carrier aggregation and a range of interference cancellation solutions.

But it’s not all about the data experience. Voice is and will always be a key capability, which is why our WCDMA solution supports some of the latest developments in this area.

Want to find out more about our latest WCDMA/HSPA software features, find out more here in our blog.


Nokia's market leading WCDMA/HSPA portfolio delivers high efficiency, lower costs and superior subscriber experiences

  • Continued evolution of unique features and support for smartphone dominated networks
  • Best subscriber smartphone experience for both data and voice calls
  • Market-leading WCDMA/HSPA data rates in both downlink and uplink
  • Nokia Single RAN and Software provides investment protection and smooth evolution across all 3GPP technologies.


  • Nokia offers the leading RAN portfolio, selected by more with more than 270 WCDMA/HSPA radio customers - more than any other vendor
  • There are more than 500 commercially launched HSPA networks in more than 200 countries  (source: and over 2 billion WCDMA/HSPA subscribers worldwide