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WaveLite enterprise optical networking

Nokia WaveLite offers the ability to build enterprise private optical networks with ease and economy

Enterprise wide area networks connect all aspects of the enterprise: headquarters to branch offices, manufacturing plants to supply chains, customers to sales; all functions of a modern business now rely upon network connectivity to accomplish the enterprise’s mission. Some enterprises choose to build private WAN backbones while others prefer to use managed WAN services.

Data center interconnect (DCI) is an important use case of the enterprise WAN, linking data centers for critical applications, such as business continuity, disaster recovery, or remote analytic computing.

The Nokia WaveLite optical transport product family provides an enterprise purpose-built solution for DCI and corporate connectivity. Comprising a five-member set of service aggregation and transport components, WaveLite features three multiplexing transponders (muxponders) for aggregating a wide range of client services onto higher rate optical lines using commonly available pluggable optical modules.

The family also includes optical amplifier and wavelength multiplexer/de-multiplexer modules. Together, these modules meet the needs of enterprise and service provider networks built to specifically support enterprises. All WaveLite products are compact, have a 1RU-high chassis with low power consumption, and AC or DC powering. The products are configured through an on-demand, user-friendly, web-based interface.

WaveLite delivers easy-to-deploy solutions for many enterprise networking use cases, including:

  • Enterprise WAN connectivity: enables aggregation and transport of multiple applications or services onto higher rate optical links for connection to various offices, operations, data centers and internet exchanges. 
  • Enterprise self-build DCI: lets enterprises, using leased dark fiber, easily construct data center interconnect to enterprise-owned or multi-tenant data centers.
  • Enterprise managed DCI with a service provider: allows service providers to build enterprise dedicated connectivity solutions with ease and at low cost.

For these and many other use cases, WaveLite helps enterprises build private optical networks with solutions that are efficient, secure, resilient and easy to deploy.

wavelite family

Use cases

Enterprise self-build DCI using dark fiber An enterprise can build its own DCI solution to support a private/hybrid cloud, using the WaveLite platform and point-to-point fiber. Typically, data centers are in the same metro area up to 70 km apart, but can be connected over longer distances depending on capacity and latency requirements.
Enterprise-managed DCI service provided by a CSP An enterprise can build a private/virtual private/hybrid cloud by outsourcing its DCI to a communications service provider (CSP) that provides a fully managed DCI service using Carrier Ethernet or wavelength services.
Enterprise WAN connectivityAn enterprise can create a communications infrastructure to support all operations, using WaveLite platforms. This WAN backbone can be scaled to match unique enterprise needs, including internet access, VoIP, LAN extension, enterprise-specific applications and DCI for cloud virtualization.

Delivers efficiency

  • Modular, pay-as-you-grow hardware architecture that does not strand unused physical space.

Designed for ease of use

  • Simple to build and easy to manage with no complex planning tools; configured through a user-friendly GUI.

Assures security

  • AES-256 client- and line-side encryption.

Provides resilience

  • Protection against unexpected failures.

WaveLite Metro 200

  • 200G OTN muxponder with 2x 100G on single coherent line via CFP2 ACO. Includes optical line protection.
  • Large enterprise optical transport for enterprise WAN and DCI, including applications needing optical line protection.

WaveLite Access 200

  • 200G OTN muxponder with 2x 100G on single coherent line via CFP2 ACO. Includes optical line protection.
  • Medium-to-large enterprise optical transport for enterprise WAN and DCI

WaveLite Metro 20

  • 20G multiservice aggregator 2x OTU2 XFP line and up to 16 multiprotocol clients.
  • Medium-to-large enterprise service aggregation in enterprise WAN

WaveLite Amplifier

  • Metro EDFA amplifier
  • Optical line amplifier for longer metro or LAN extension spans

WaveLite Mux 16

  • WaveLite Mux 1616-channel DWDM multiplex/demultiplex module with integral amplifier. Includes optical line protection.
  • Large enterprise WAN network DWDM multiplex/demultiplex and amplification