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VitalSuite Net - Network Performance Management

Nokia VitalSuite® Net Network Performance Management software/VitalSuite® Real-time Event Analysis software provides the network information necessary to avoid problems, optimize resources and maximize ROI. For your multivendor, multi-technology network devices, VitalNet/VitalRealTime provides integrated performance and trap management, network auto-discovery, centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, reports with drilldowns, trending and capacity planning, advanced thresholds and alarms, network traffic reports and advanced VoIP monitoring all via a Web 2.0 GUI. It also collects SNMP traps to provide fault management information about network devices.

Nokia VitalSuite® Flow software collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers in the network and provides powerful traffic analysis and reporting features based on that data. The integrated Flow monitoring capability monitors application and network traffic behavior to understand how your network bandwidth is being used

Benefits and features

Access at-a-glance personalized performance data, including multivendor and multi-technology support

Powerful event analysis: Advanced tools to filter, analyze and summarize raw performance data, and present it in easy-to-use graphical displays with quick drilldown from high-level views to detailed information. High-level displays include heat charts, traffic charts, 2D/3D network topology views, and personalized MyVital portal views

Improve productivity via the Web 2.0 GUI with powerful workflow, search, and filtering capabilities

Centralized application and network visibility: Easy-to-use Web 2.0-based GUI with a single administration interface for user accounts administration, domain and group definition, and threshold definitions.

Optimize network capacity by understanding how it is being used

Powerful Netflow and sFlow collection and analysis with Top-N reports

Avoid network problems with real-time network-wide visibility in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments

Flexible, multivendor and multi-technology support: Monitors diverse resource types and more than 600 devices from more than 50 different vendors in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments

Comprehensive performance monitoring for Routers, Switches, LAN, WAN, IP, ATM, Servers, Virtual Servers, VoIP QoS, Firewalls, Element Managers, Web Applications

HEMonitor the global IT infrastructure via resources, devices, topology maps, domains, paths, servicesADING

Industry-leading scalability: VitalSuite can scale from single-server deployments for small networks to multi-server deployments that monitor network and service quality across today's largest environments

VitalSuite Apps - Application Performance Management

Monitors and manages application performance for business-critical applications.


VitalSuite ART Advanced Reporting Tool

Generate advanced custom presentation-quality reports and graphs by extracting monitored data from VitalSuite.