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VitalSuite ART Advanced Reporting Tool

Nokia VitalSuite® ART Advanced Reporting Tool is a comprehensive Web-based tool that enables you to generate advanced custom presentation-quality reports and graphs by extracting monitored data from VitalSuite. The VitalSuite ART wizard-based reports cover data from the major VitalSuite software modules, including:

  • VitalSuite® Apps Application Performance Management software – application performance data.
  • VitalSuite® Net Network Performance Management software/VitalSuite® Real-time Event Analysis software - network performance data, VoIP QoS records, Alerts
  • VitalSuite® Flow software – network flow data.

Benefits and features

Customized report design

Powerful wizard-based report generator steps users through the report design process.

Provides a large array of report formatting options, custom data calculations, tables, charts, and graphs

Improve productivity via the Web 2.0 GUI with powerful workflow, search, and filtering capabilities

Centralized application and network visibility: Easy-to-use Web 2.0-based GUI with a single administration interface fully integrated with VitalSuite

Share reports easily

Comprehensive report scheduling options and report history

Ability to view or publish reports in a wide variety of output file formats

Post report output via the web or email to selected recipients automatically

Report data fetch operations are completely transparent across multiple VitalSuite servers

With multi-server VitalSuite deployments, report data may be spread across multiple servers. VitalART automatically and transparently fetches data from the correct servers for report generation.

Report detail down to individual performance data records

VitalART provides access to reporting of individual VoIP Call Records (CDRs), Flow records, etc.


VitalSuite Apps - Application Performance Management

Monitors and manages application performance for business-critical applications.


VitalSuite Net - Network Performance Management

Avoid problems, optimize resources and maximize ROI.


VitalSuite Performance Management System

Monitor the global IT infrastructure including resources, devices, topology maps, domains, paths, and services