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Velocix Transparent Cache

The Nokia Velocix Transparent Cache allows network service providers to intercept internet traffic and cache content from popular websites to reduce transport, peering and transit expenses while improving the user experience. By caching user-accessed web content and serving subsequent requests for that same content from within their network, service providers can typically save an average of 45 percent in bandwidth.

The Velocix Transparent Cache supports most popular HTTP websites and content. New releases of high-demand software packages and Internet video can all be cached and delivered by the Velocix Transparent Cache. Caching is based on content popularity and is independent of any commercial agreement between the network operator and the content owner.

The Velocix Transparent Cache is a carrier-grade solution designed with maximum caching efficiency. It provides flexible deployment configurations and detailed analytics that can help service providers to adapt to any requirement and make appropriate business decisions. The Velocix Transparent Cache can be enhanced through combined deployment with other Nokia products, including the Velocix Content Delivery Network to handle both internet and managed content within a unified infrastructure, and the 7750 Service Router to provide a resilient small cache cluster solution without requiring an external load balancer.

Benefits & Features

Scalable and efficient caching

  • Supports all major content delivery and streaming formats
  • Flexible policy update, video seek and targeted caching to best serve the evolving list of content in highest demand
  • Scalable cache capacity with clustering
  • Inter-cache communication to maximize cache hit ratios and optimize storage capacity usage
  • Smart load balancing to increase total cluster throughput

Safety and control

  • Overload protection from unexpected demand surges
  • Cache poisoning protection to prevent end users from being redirected to undesired websites
  • Content filtering and parental controls

Flexible deployment

  • Fully transparent, semi-transparent and explicit proxy operation
  • Port-mirror analytics mode for non-intrusive traffic analysis helps determine the business case for transparent caching
  • Policy-based routing, with or without load balancer
  • IPv6 support

Management and operation

  • Detailed reporting for high visibility into internet usage
  • Cluster management allows an entire cache farm to be managed as a single entity, reducing operational overhead