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Velocix Recording Manager

The Nokia Velocix Recording Manager is a versatile and feature-rich software module. It is designed to implement the service logic of any cloud-based digital video recorder (DVR) solution. It exposes generic REST interfaces. This allows it to easily integrate with any recording engine and back-office video platform to develop time-shifted video services, including catch-up TV, restart TV and DVR services.

The Velocix Recording Manager manages requests from end users to create, update, or delete recordings. It interfaces with back-end video platforms to receive program grids and end-user information, and to ensure end users have permission to access content. It connects to network-based recording engines to initiate and control the recording process.

By moving the service logic into the cloud, the Velocix Recording Manager allows pay TV operators to offer subscribers the ability to manage their recordings on the network from any device. This move is the first step in the transition from home- to cloud-based recording, which can produce significant costs reductions for service providers.

Benefits and features

Deliver innovative video services

  • Quickly introduce new and innovative cloud-based, time-shifted TV services, including rewind TV, catch-up TV, restart TV services and personal recordings
  • Smoothly migrate from set-top-box (STB) to cloud-based recordings. This can significantly reduce costs by requiring fewer DVRs to be deployed on customer premises, eventually eliminating the need for STBs
  • Automatically incorporate changes in programming information (e.g., last minute electronic program guide [EPG] changes) into the recordings to match the new EPG schedule with the Synchroguide feature
  • Adopt advanced capabilities, such as expanded network storage for home-based DVRs, parallel recordings, and storage ‘accounts’ for each family member

Enrich end-user experience

  • Provide access to video content anytime, anywhere, from any IP-connected device at home or on-the-go
  • Enable end users to record TV programs after they have aired
  • Provide flexible recording practices, ranging from recording individual programs based on either EPG or user-selected times, to complex programming scenarios, such as recording complete seasons (episodes automatically recorded for users)
  • Allow bookmarks for both personal recordings and catch-up services

Carrier-grade solution

  • Easily integrate with middleware, clients, and recording engines through generic REST interfaces
  • Ensure high performance, scalability and availability through a services-oriented architecture (SOA), with independent service modules running on virtual machines
  • Easily adapt the Velocix Recording Manager to specific environments and use cases, by deploying an SOA and exposing REST interfaces