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Velocix Personalization Platform

Meet subscriber demand for personalized video services

The Nokia Velocix Personalization Platform lets you use contextual information on service consumption and network conditions to personalize the viewing experience for IP video subscribers.

You can use this virtualized application to support personalization use cases such as including targeted advertising, bandwidth control, and per-session encryption. These use cases can help you generate more revenue and deliver better service to subscribers.

By combining the Velocix Personalization Platform with the Velocix content delivery network (CDN), you can personalize content at the edge of the network to scale your delivery capabilities.


  • Enhance the end-user experience by customizing the content you deliver to each subscriber or group of subscribers
  • Create additional revenue by delivering personalized video services that add value for subscribers, advertisers, and content providers
  • Lower capital expenditure and optimize network resource use by personalizing content at the edge of the network, closer to subscribers


The Velocix Personalization Platform combines a modular design with standards-based interfaces to ease integration with external components such as middleware or recording engines. This combination allows you to support a variety of personalization use cases, including: 

  • Targeted advertising: Insert ads into live TV streams or video on demand (VoD) content, and replace stale ads in time-shifted content and cloud DVR recordings
  • Content blackouts and alternate content: Deny access to content or provide alternate content when programming is not licensed to certain linear TV subscribers
  • Emergency alerts: Notify subscribers when an emergency occurs, such as a tornado or a kidnapping
  • Bandwidth control: Reduce or increase the bandwidth available to each subscriber based on network congestion
  • Per-session encryption: Increase security by encrypting content for each individual session
  • Content watermarking: Improve content tracking capabilities by applying watermarks on a per-subscriber basis

The platform collects information from subscriber content requests and third-party systems such as ad servers, policy control modules (PCRF), alternate content managers, and emergency alert systems. For each session, the platform continuously checks to determine whether content should be personalized, and adapts the content as needed. In doing so, it considers a wide range of factors, including the device, content, geo-location, and network conditions.