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Vehicle-to-Everything communication

Vehicle-to-Everything communication will transform the driving experience

More than 1.3 million people die on the roads every year. Safe, automated driving supported by Vehicle-to-Everything communications, or V2X, will improve driving comfort and has the potential to save lives by preventing many traffic accidents.

LTE V2X combined with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), provides a viable and cost-effective solution that can already now accelerate the adoption of Vehicle-to-Everything communications on the way to 5G.

Nokia MEC can rapidly process content at the very edge of the mobile network to significantly lower latency to below 20ms, giving extremely responsive control.

Nokia connected vechicles infographic

Connecting vehicles over a local cloud makes driving safer
Car2X – Testbed on German motorway A9 in practice
Nokia Car2X solutions, China


  • Increases driving comfort
  • Is a prerequisite for fully automated driving, which increases road safety
  • Provides traffic information and navigation for more efficient use of roads
  • Submits information enabling optimization of infrastructure investments


  • 90 percent of fatal car accidents are caused by human error. Assisted driving and connected cars can reduce accidents significantly
  • V2X paves the way for connected cars and future fully automated driving. Connectivity with other vehicles, centralized cloud-based back-office systems and roadside infrastructure will enable applications such as hazard warnings and cooperative, adaptive cruise control.

Customer Cases