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Nokia 4.9G TD-LTE paves the path for 5G, delivers top network quality and offers fast return on investment

Nokia has carved out a clear leadership position in TD-LTE that paves the path for 5G. We have led TD-LTE development using 20 years of TDD experience, built top expertise R&D team dedicated to creating innovative, future-proof and class-leading solutions for operators in all markets. The result is a high performance, cost-effective solution based on our compact AirScale Base Station, which provides a clear path to 5G.

Our 4.9G TD-LTE products are proven in large-scale networks to deliver high customer satisfaction, such as in China Mobile’s network with more than half a billion subscribers. We have globalized TD-LTE with 100 references.

The Nokia 4.9G TD-LTE solution incorporates AirScale Base Station that offers a broad range of radio options, including the latest AirScale Massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna that uses 128 elements and 3D Beamforming to boost cell capacity by up to five-fold. AirScale Base Station offers unlimited capacity and multi-connectivity including TDD and FDD. The base station integrates a transport module, high capacity RF interfaces, GPS, built-in security and 4.9G features.

The Nokia 4.9G TD-LTE solution also includes features that dramatically expand capacity and coverage – for example, our recent launch of HPUE (High Performance User Equipment) software upgrade with HPUE compliant devices deliver coverage of lower band, our Smart Scheduler enables top network quality and up to 40 percent lower total cost of ownership by enabling significantly large number of active simultaneous subscribers in one cell. In addition, our Intelligent Beamforming software delivers more than 100 percent improvement in downlink cell throughput and 35 percent improvement in uplink throughput – resulting in compelling user experiences with fewer sites deployed.

Paving the path to 5G with Massive MIMO

Nokia 3D Beamforming

TD-LTE 3D-Beamforming


Path to 5G with top network quality by delivering Best KPI performance for unmatched end-user experience
Reduce TCO by 40% using Smart Scheduler and our Intelligent Beamforming software
Provides unprecedented scalability and flexibility
Protects your investment

Why Nokia?

We offer Path to 5G using 4.9G TD-LTE using our award winning AirScale deployed in more than 100 networks
We are leaders in commercializing TD-LTE ecosystems, both in terms of total subscribers from our operators and first-to-market (the first TD-LTE commercial launch and first 4G/TD-LTE network in Latin America, first TD-LTE launch in Russia, and first TD-LTE launch in Saudi Arabia).
We are a leading global vendor and serve top 5 out of 5 TD-LTE operators including China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) China and Sprint USA.