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Surepay provides real-time rating and convergent charging for any service and network

SurePay®, part of Nokia’s Policy and Charging portfolio, enables real-time rating and charging for any network and service type. With SurePay, fixed, mobile, and converged carriers can simultaneously offer prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid real-time charging for data, digital, commerce, cloud and IoT services. SurePay supports any tariff plan for consumer and enterprise customers, and enables service providers to implement new business models. The solution also integrates with billing systems and customer relationship management systems to expand the billing ecosystem support as well as provide support for MVNOs, brand partners and hub operations.

Launches and manages valuable new offers

  • Mix and match, design, and test tariffs for your voice and data applications to adjust to the needs of market segments
  • Apply tariffs and promotions to a prepaid or postpaid service — or both simultaneously
  • Deliver a framework for family and enterprise shared service plans, including data

Simplifies and personalizes the user experience — and inspires customer loyalty

  • Provide flexible promotions, campaigns, and loyalty management capabilities
  • Enable end users to control spending in real time and keep their budgets under control
  • Enable users to define, manage, and enforce restrictions on usage of mobile voice and data services 

Accelerates deployment and time to revenue, while controlling costs

  • Configure and scale the application for high availability and reliability with uninterrupted service delivery
  • Allow networks to evolve while minimizing the impact to end-user applications
  • Reduce OPEX through centralized management of prepaid and postpaid operations and for multiple networks and devices

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