Subscriber Data Management

See how Nokia can help you consolidate your data into a single, unified platform and speed-up the introduction of new services

With Subscriber Data Management (SDM), data is shared between multiple applications such as 3GPP HSS, AAA, EIR, MNP, PCRF or third parties. Unlike the traditional silo data management, SDM involves only one set of data to meet all needs. As well as removing inconsistencies and ambiguities, this also eliminates the need for dedicated architecture for each service.

Nokia Subscriber Data Management requires only a simple extension to the central repository’s data model and the already established provisioning interface. This allows new services to be introduced much more quickly.

There is an even greater gain in speed when activating customers. In the traditional approach, these activations involve several steps for each application. A single failure can cause the whole sequence to be reversed or left incomplete. With Nokia Subscriber Data Management a single provisioning interface performs the activation and verifies it immediately, allowing customers to use their services immediately.

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Superior robustness and operational excellence

Operational excellence

The Nokia Subscriber Data Management solution is designed specifically for telecommunication operators, offering extremely high availability and reliability together with the highest speed and performance. Data is shared in real-time typically between three sites - each site is always active and always has the latest data. Should any site become incapacitated or disconnected from the network, the full load is instantly and automatically shared between the remaining sites.

One subscriber management system and multiple-application support

Nokia Subscriber Data Management is based on open standards and supports multiple applications from Nokia, third parties, operators and other vendors. It works with any standard industry domain and technology, including circuit core, packet core, EPC or LTE.  Bringing all subscriber data into a single repository ensures a reliable, real-time view of the customer. This significantly reduces the costs of managing data, for example, T-Mobile Germany achieved a 55% reduction in data management costs.

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Nokia offers the market’s most complete SDM solution and portfolio of dataless applications, with more than 185 deployments (including more than 135 LTE deployments), serving almost 4 billion subscriber licenses worldwide. Nokia Subscriber Data Management is used by leading tier-1 operators such as Orange, T-Mobile International, Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, Bharti Airtel, Oi Brazil and many others.