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Smart Plan Builder

Smart Plan Builder DiagramNokia Smart Plan Builder is a key component of Nokia’s Policy & Charging solution. As service providers are moving to implement new business models and become more customer-centric, it’s increasingly important to need to keep customers better updated about service usage and present them with updates and offers that are relevant and contextual.

Smart Plan Builder is based on Nokia's unique Agile Rules Technology (A.R.T.), which is backed by over 150 patents. Smart Plan Builder enables service providers to create personalized services and contextual offers, and processes them easily in real-time with broad flexibility and scalable performance. Smart Plan Builder interworks with other systems such as analytics, loyalty management or order management  through a plugin framework. What’s more, Smart Plan Builder offers RESTful APIs to interact with Smart Plan mobile apps that can be customized to the specific business goals of the service provider.

Personalize and simplify the customer experience while increasing loyalty and reducing churn

  • Smart Care API to enable rich and meaningful real-time interactions with subscribers
  • Smart Notification server to enable subscribers to receive real-time notifications about offers and account status controlled through rule-based logic
  • Subscriber modeling capability to easy and quickly model subscribers to their subscriptions, preferences, and other key information

Create new streams of revenue and increase mobile broadband data ARPU

  • Contextual offers allowing service providers to build and send relevant, targeted service offers based on multiple real-time contextual information
  • Service modeling capability to model services thus facilitating the creation, modification, and delivery of them to the subscriber
  • Service orchestration is used to define and control service flows by interacting with multiple systems to carry out various actions based on specific triggers

Minimize risk, shorten time to revenue, and lower operating costs

  • Plugin framework is used to abstract and mediate with other external systems
  • Agile Rules Technology (A.R.T.) offering ease of service creation, flexible service modification, and scalable service performance
  • Experienced Professional and Consulting services offering industry leadership for end to end multi-vendor and multi-platform solution integration and deployment