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Small Cells

Small Cells deliver cost-effective capacity and coverage, indoors and outdoors, and are key to network innovation

As data traffic rises and subscribers’ performance expectations grow, supplementing macro networks with small cells is an effective way to provide coverage and capacity indoors and outdoors, in the public space, enterprises and in homes. In addition, small cells deployed in strategic areas are the perfect vehicles to bring network innovation such as value-adding applications, local contextual applications and IoT services.

User demand continues to rise, LTE will be unable to provide enough capacity new solutions like License Aggregated Access and 5G will become inevitable, thus Communications Service Provider (CSP) networks will typically use both licensed and unlicensed spectrum and need to support co-existing 4G and 5G technologies. The ongoing evolution of small cell technology will be an important part of many CSPs’ plans to roll out 5G. Driven by new use cases, new spectrum and new technology developments, 5G will almost certainly evolve substantially over the next decade. CSPs are now exploring the adoption of sub-6 GHz spectrum for initial 5G deployments indoors and the early use of of mmWave frequencies at 28 GHz and 39 GHz for specific outdoor use cases.Yet it can be challenging to deal with the higher control traffic, interference between the macro and small cell networks and backhaul challenges that deploying small cell brings. HetNets are also far more complex than traditional macro only networks, so automating many of the conventional manual and network optimization processes will be essential.

Nokia’s comprehensive range of products and services can help you to meet these challenges and make the most of the opportunities of small cells.

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How can you prepare for the future heterogeneous network?

  • Provide easily scalable solutions to meet changing capacity needs
  • Offer services to ensure the right investments for the right network
  • Find the best solutions for both public indoor and enterprise use

A day to share

Traveling around the world, meeting new people and cultures… these network connections are essential for vloggers to share their stories. Nokia Small Cells let your network stand out, delivering superior customer experience to improve revenue generation with every use. Watch a vlogger at work and follow a day in his life.

Discover why our small cells portfolio is the industry’s most comprehensive

AirScale mmWave RadioProvides extreme 5G capacity for densified locations in a compact form factor. AirScale Indoor Radio SystemThe best designed multi-technology solution for flexible deployment. AirScale Micro RRHBuild outdoor and indoor networks with the right cell size for their location, managing costs and providing the capacity where needed FemtocellsOur 3G/LTE femtocells comprise a fully 3GPP-compliant femto gateway, complete with Nokia 3G and 4G Femto access points Femtocell Multi-band SOHOA compact enterprise small cell solution for SOHO users, based on an award winning product Flexi ZoneNokia Flexi Zone is a small cell solution for offloading traffic from your macro network to an underlay street-level and indoor network Flexi Lite Base StationA small all-in-one base station optimized for outdoor and indoor micro-cell deployments Services for HetNetsHelps you deal with urban congestion by providing capacity where it is most needed and by deploying the most effective solution to tackle congestion Smart Wi-FiTo get carrier grade wireless access with Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi

In-building cellular deployments at enterprises are challenging as they require close co-ordination with multiple stakeholders including network operators and enterprise venue owners. The judging panel would like to recognize Nokia for the deployment of Flexi Zone indoor small cells for Telefonica Chile in the largest shopping mall in Latin America. The deployment show cased that indoor small cells, in close collaboration with an operator, can significantly improve the user experience and boost network utilization.

- Kyung Mun, Mobile Experts Inc.

It's well-understood that if small cells are to execute on their promise of coverage and capacity improvement, that dense deployments are a requirement. While the sheer scale of small cell deployment in China implies great density, Nokia work with the China Mobile Research Institute – including small cell density down to 10-15 meters along with a MEC component included for video orchestration – stands out as an example of how small cells can support operator demands, today and going forward as we look to 5G architectures.

- Pete Jarich, Current Analysis

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Since small cells were first deployed commercially more than a decade ago, they have been helping many CSPs to cost-effectively provide coverage and build capacity in different environments. From urban underground sites to distant rural locations, from outdoor hot spot support to indoor capacity building, small cells are available in many different designs, supporting a wide range of spectrum and use cases. Their benefits are widely accepted and many CSPs have experience of how to plan and deploy small cell networks.

Yet this is just the beginning for small cells. The rise of 5G is giving them a new prominence.