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Single RAN Advanced

Cut network complexity with Single RAN Advanced

Nokia Single RAN supports a multitude of sharing options – baseband, RF, backhaul and fronthaul transport, network, spectrum – and all with the bonus of end-to-end security and one common O&M embedded into the solution.

If you value a green world as much as we do, then it makes sense to use our Nokia Zero Emission solution to cut energy use by up to 70 percent. It also benefits your bottom line by cutting Total Cost of Ownership by up to 30 percent with typical bayback time of 2-3 years.

Make more use of solar and wind power and head towards zero carbon dioxide radio networks to improve your brand appeal.

Operators - why should Single RAN be your top priority?

Here’s how your business can benefit from choosing Single RAN :

  • Nokia Single RAN Advanced equipment simplifies multiradio networks installation and maintenance and makes networks future proof
  • Nokia Single RAN Advanced can reduce an operator’s  BTS site CO2 emissions by 70 percent and TCO by 30 percent compared to an LTE overlay solution, enabling operators for the first time to kick-start their journey to zero CO2 emission base station sites.


View the Infographic

Download the infographic here

View the Infographic

Download the infographic here

Single RAN Advanced – get the network you want

Use Single RAN Advanced to get the network you want. With its multipurpose hardware and software for GSM, WCDMA and LTE, you can re-farm, share resources and modernize legacy equipment. Want to evolve your network? Use our solution to adopt new technologies like LTE-Advanced, Carrier Aggregation, 4x4MIMO, CoMP, Centralized RAN.

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