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Session Border Controller

Renew and migrate your session border controller to the cloud with Nokia

Nokia Session Border Controller (SBC) gives communications service providers (CSPs) economical and reliable means to secure and control media and signaling streams that cross the edges of the IMS network.

Nokia SBC sits at the edge of the access networks to secure any type of IP accesses and deliver all IMS services.
It also sits the edge of the peering networks to support roaming, IMS interconnection or corporate SIP trunking scenario.

Nokia SBC offers dramatically higher levels of performance and security for cloud-native deployments

Nokia SBC in Session Border network

You can deploy Nokia SBC either on-site on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT servers or fully in the cloud:

  • The integrated vSBC is designed in a scaled-down 2 x 2U form to increase capital and operational savings and optimize power with a small physical footprint
  • The decomposed vSBC is designed in a large-scale 10U form and enables independent scaling of the signaling and media planes for greater capital expenditure savings
  • The cloud SBC is designed for OpenStack and VMware Telco-cloud environments. The SBC VNF components (VNFC) scale up and down independently in real-time to meet fluctuating service demands, enabling unmatched operational efficiency


Standalone or integrated E2E solution

  • Renew your HW appliance SBC with standalone Nokia SBC that provides access and peering functions on a single software load
  • Nokia’s end-to-end solutions reduce the project’s time, costs and risks for initial rollout and next upgrades

Provides strong resilience from cyberattacks

  • Safe delivery of all IMS services via any type of IP connections
  • Dedicated signaling and media firewalls strengthens protection from evolving cyberattacks
  • Registration prioritization ensures faster service resumption in overload conditions and limits the impact on quality of service

Designed for cloud

  • OpenStack and VMware Telco-cloud environments
  • Fully virtualized with optimized media performance
  • Decomposed into Virtual Network Function Components (VNFC)
  • Scalable VNFC under NFV management and operation solution control (MANO)
  • Built-in WebRTC APIs to enable DevOps and 3rd party innovation
  • Network wide software licenses


SBC evolution will continue as CSPs use Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) embedded in HTML5 browsers to deliver in-browser communications contextually in applications and websites.

Nokia SBC’s WebRTC support provides a secured transport and interworking functions with IMS enabling any type of web real time sessions: voice and video calling, chat or advanced conferencing and collaboration. It allows CSPs to unlock new revenue streams:

  • Adding a secured browser access to their IP-communication services
  • Creating new WebRTC services with universal access from legacy networks
  • Monetizing a suite of WebRTC APIs and SDKs that developers can use to create contextual communications-enabled business process