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Rapport PSTN Gateway

The Rapport PSTN Gateway enables service providers to seamlessly interconnect their VoIP and IMS networks with legacy TDM networks and with other IP communication networks. It is a fully IMS-compliant media gateway controller and media gateway pair that provides any-to-any connection and switching between IP and TDM communication networks while providing a full range of access/toll-tandem services, protocols and interfaces.

With Rapport PSTN Gateway, service providers can flexibly deploy new IP-based communications services, such as VoLTE and Voice over Broadband, with seamless connectivity to legacy TDM networks and other VoIP networks. The Rapport PSTN Gateway works in conjunction the Rapport solutions, as well as in any multivendor next-generation network.

Benefits & Features

Flexibility and network agility

  • Flexible configurations provide cost-effective gateway functionality for many different application domains
  • Proven scalability ensures efficient capacity expansions up to the largest network needs
  • Interoperability with a wide variety of types of IP and TDM communications networks and other vendor equipment

Minimizes network CAPEX and OPEX costs

  • Flexible deployment options, including virtualized software on COTS hardware
  • Multiservice platform supports many applications on a single deployment generating economy-of-scale savings and safeguarding investment
  • Simplified operations and management in a single self-contained package with a shared management system with other Rapport components