Radio Access

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Radio access

The programmable world will change how you build and run your network, as well as how your subscribers will use it. But nobody knows for sure what new demands will arise. So networks must become ultra-versatile. They must be able to change their architecture as needed to support a vast range of services, many of which will require extreme data speeds and instant response.

Nokia Radio Access supports all technologies running simultaneously, including current GSMWCDMA/HSPALTETD-LTE and LTE Advanced Pro, and is 5G ready. 

We continue to evolve our radio access portfolio to meet changing requirements. We have innovated the industry leading Flexi Base Station platform, and announced the new 5G-ready AirScale Radio solution in early 2016.

Nokia supplies its radio access to around 600 customers globally, and is a global #1 in LTE. 

How can we help you?

The comprehensive Nokia radio access network portfolio enables people to connect anytime, anywhere.

Our innovative products are proven to:

  • increase the capacity of your network so that you can support more users and more services
  • increase the speed of connection and improve the responsiveness of applications for a more engaging customer experience
  • lengthen the battery life of devices to offer subscribers greater convenience and keep them engaged for longer

Radio access

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Explore our radio portfolio

The Nokia Radio Access portfolio supports all current technologies and is ready for running new 5G technologies. 

AirScale Radio Access – Changes the way to build networksAirScale Radio Access reboots radio access for infinite capacity, invisible sites and instant innovation

LTE/LTE-AdvancedGive your customers a superior 4G experience

Single RAN AdvancedAt Nokia, we supply networks to operators that serve more than 4 billion people around the world. Single RAN can help you effectively address increased traffic over your multiradio network and cut costs

WCDMA/HSPAGive your customers the best smartphone experience

GSM Radio Access NetworksIncrease capacity and improve the quality of service on your GSM networks


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At Nokia, we supply networks to operators who serve more than 5 billion people around the world. We can help you make sure your networks can handle increased data traffic efficiently, as well as improve the experience for your customers.