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Radio Access

Radio access that’s making 5G a reality

Is your network ready for the 5G era? View our webinar on demand to find out how it can be done.

Radio access

Ultra-low latency, huge connectivity, extreme capacity. To meet these requirements, 5G networks need to be highly versatile, able to change their architecture to support a vast range of services. We are responding by continuously evolving our radio access portfolio. We are building on our industry-leading Flexi Base Station platform and extending our AirScale Radio Access solution, which increases 4G network speeds ten times to gigabit data rates.

Our solutions are already widely deployed, with Nokia 4.5G in place with more than 120 operators.

Powered by AirScale Radio Access, the next technology step is 4.5G Pro, which enables huge increases in LTE capacity, coverage and speed, while Nokia 4.9G will provide future service continuity with 5G networks. AirScale Cloud RAN is already running in a commercial network.

The path to 5G is built on Nokia AirScale Radio Access, which sits at the heart of Nokia 5G FIRST. This industry-first commercial end-to-end 5G solution enables operators to capitalize early on 5G, bringing new capabilities to homes, events and industries. 5G FIRST incorporates AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna, AirScale cloud RAN, Cloud Packet Core and mobile transport.

With Nokia, 5G is not just a futuristic vision – it’s happening today.

How can we help you?

The comprehensive Nokia radio access network portfolio enables people to connect anytime, anywhere.

Our innovative products are proven to:

  • increase the capacity of your network so that you can support more users and more services
  • increase the speed of connection and improve the responsiveness of applications for a more engaging customer experience
  • lengthen the battery life of devices to offer subscribers greater convenience and keep them engaged for longer

Radio access

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