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PSE-2 Super Coherent Technology

Efficiently transport 100G services across the street and around the world

Keep up with demand for 100G services with the Nokia Photonic Service Engine version 2 (PSE-2), the world’s most advanced super coherent digital signal processor.

Faster data access speeds and growing dependency on cloud services are creating new demand for 100G connectivity. 100G is no longer just for aggregating traffic in your internal core network. You need to carry 100G service across your network.

We're addressing this need with new versions of our PSE, the silicon that supported the first programmable coherent digital signal processor and the first single-carrier 100G and 200G DWDM wavelengths.

Our PSE-2 technology lets you balance wavelength capacity and distance and maximize the efficiency of every fiber in your network. With solutions built around PSE-2 digital signal processors, you can:

  • Meet all transport requirements for efficient and scalable 100G services
  • Reduce space and power usage while offering 100G connectivity over any distance
  • Simplify your spares inventory and reduce total cost of network ownership (TCO) by using one card or device for many metro and long-haul applications

Deploy solutions powered by PSE-2

1830 PSS 500G DWDM Muxponder

Benefit from a DWDM line card that provides unprecedented capacity, reach, and wavelength flexibility. Our 1830 PSS 500G Muxponder gives you:

  • Flexible 100G–500G super coherent transport wavelengths
  • 2x more 200G distance
  • Efficient 500G superchannels for metro and regional distances
  • More 100G distance for ultra-long haul and direct connect to subsea networks
  • Five 100G services per line card
The Super Coherent Drivetrain

The 1830 PSS 500G Muxponder earned a top score of 5 out of 5 in the 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Read the review from Lightwave

1830 PSS-24x

Deliver efficient wavelengths and differentiated services with the industry’s most scalable packet/OTN switch. With our 1830 PSS-24x switch, you get:

  • An evolution path to 48 Tbps of packet/OTN scale in a single rack
  • Flexible 100G–400G super coherent transport wavelengths
  • 60% higher 200G port density
  • 2x more 200G distance
  • 50% lower power consumption than current-generation packet/OTN switches
Super coherent technology: Optimizing wavelength capacity and reach

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Deliver faster services over longer distances

Generate more revenue by extending 100G service over many distances and topologies. Our PSE Super Coherent technology increases transport wavelength capacity, distance, and efficiency. You can program it to support the most spectrally efficient 100G–500G transport capacities and distances for a wide range of applications, from campus to ultra-long haul. This programmability will help you maximize fiber utilization, avoid premature fiber exhaustion, and reduce spares inventory.

Transport 100G services reliably and be ready for SDN

Benefit from wavelength synchronization algorithms that support ultra-fast coherent signal acquisition. PSE-2 algorithms enable industry-leading 50 ms protection. They also support ultra-fast wavelength restoration. These capabilities give you the foundation for creating a dynamic and efficient SDN-controlled optical network.

Offer scalable and efficient 100G service connectivity today

Use our PSE-2-powered 1830 Photonic Service Switch platforms to evolve from 10G to 100G service connectivity or aggregate services on 100G–500G transport. These platforms provide the efficiency and scalability you need to support unrelenting demand for high-speed, high-quality, always-on connectivity.

Enable a 100G-connected world

The PSE-2 combines our state-of-the art silicon processes and optical networking expertise. The result is a sophisticated and highly integrated super coherent digital signal processor that can bring entirely new capabilities to your network, including:

  • Support for single-carrier 400G wavelength operation. This mode uses 64QAM modulation to support per-fiber capacity of 70 terabits per second – the highest capacity available today. It is ideal for interconnecting data centers with 100G connectivity across a metro network.
  • Increased 500G superchannel distance. The PSE-2 provides the first two-carrier 500G superchannel that addresses both metro and regional distances. This superchannel combines leading spectral efficiency and leading port density.
  • The ability to support 200G deployments in long-haul networks. The PSE-2 more than doubles 200G wavelength distances (up to 2000 km) using 8QAM modulation. Offering support for two 200G long-haul wavelengths, it can drive 400G across the long-haul network.
  • The ability to carry two 100G unregenerated transcontinental wavelengths using a new 4-dimensional set partition QPSK (4D-SP-QPSK) modulation format. This format simplifies the interconnection of subsea and terrestrial systems by eliminating the need to regenerate at subsea landing sites.

Read our brochure to learn how the PSE-2 provides the ultimate flexibility in addressing service demands over any fiber environment.

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Maximize network capacity with Nokia Super Coherent Technologies

“To help operators to meet the extreme capacity demands in their optical transport networks, Nokia has introduced a comprehensive set of advanced modulation formats to deliver maximum wavelength capacities and distances. In the white paper Applications of Next-gen Coherent Modulation, I explore the benefits of these flexible modulation formats and how Nokia is delivering this technology with its programmable Photonic Service Engine 2.” – Ron Kline, Principal Analyst, Intelligent Networks at Ovum - Applications of next-gen coherent modulation

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Nokia Optical Networking technologies let you build agile and scalable networks that accelerate the delivery of mobile, video, business, wavelength, Ethernet, data center interconnect, and cloud services. With solutions powered by our highly programmable PSE-2 Super Coherent technology, you can economically scale your network to support 100G connectivity services.