PacketStar® PSAX 2300 Multiservice Media Gateway


PacketStar® PSAX 2300 Multiservice Media Gateway

The PacketStar® PSAX 2300 Multiservice Media Gateway pushes broadband services beyond the core, to the edge of the network and the central office. This high-capacity, high-density system delivers 2.3 Gb/s for ATM switching, with up to 15 I/O module slots per chassis.

Specifically designed as a carrier-grade companion to the PacketStar® PSAX 1250 Multiservice Media Gateway system, the PSAX 2300 offers all the redundancy and protection features of the PSAX 1250, with an emphasis on the enhanced security and resilience needed for the demanding service-provider environment.


Match high-performance core switches with a robust gateway that extends broadband services to the edge of the network.

  • Reduce provisioning costs: the PSAX 2300 offers scalability and interchangeability to reduce costs-per-port and simplify sparing requirements
  • Shorten time-to-market for new services: wide range of interfaces and any-service, any-channel flexibility equip you to adapt quickly to demand
  • Help protect long-term investments: a smooth, software-based upgrade path scales network access solutions cost-effectively
  • Increase call capacity without sacrificing quality: the PSAX 2300 can handle 8 times as many toll-quality calls as traditional TDM circuits
  • Simplify network edge management: the PSAX 2300 collapses data interworking, switch, router, and voice media interworking onto one edge device


The PSAX 2300 offers scalability, service flexibility, reliability, and centralized management from a compact chassis.

Carrier-grade scalability, service flexibility, and reliability

  • Supports up to 15 I/O module slots with CE, voice compression, HDLC/SDLC frame transport frame relay, bridging and IP routing, native ATM switching, and the industry’s most comprehensive set of interworking functions
  • Any-service/any-channel flexibility allows CE, frame relay, and ATM traffic to coexist within the same T1, E1, or channelized DS3 channel—enabling you to support innovative soft-selectable service provisioning
  • Bus-based backplane is composed of three segments that work in conjunction with the Stratum 3-4 modules to provide 1.3 Gbps of bandwidth. If one of the Stratum modules fails, the system can still support 1.6-2 Gbps of traffic
  • NEBS and OSMINE compliant system features standards-based APS for SONET signaling, CPU redundancy for switched connections, Stratum BITS, and composite clock redundancy
  • The entire PacketStar® PSAX portfolio shares the same user and network interfaces. Interchangeable cross-platform modules help reduce your initial capital investment and operating costs while supporting interoperability

Quality of Service to support high-value services

  • Patented traffic management scheme includes queuing and cell-switching capabilities to differentiate voice, video, and data requirements and provide multilevel QoS
  • Applications programming interface (API) supports various VToA solutions requiring ISDN-ATM and SS7-ATM interworking functions—enabling the PSAX 2300 to act as a connection gateway 
  • Toll-quality voice features include voice compression, echo cancellation, and silence suppression
  • Voice server modules deliver eight times the call capacity of traditional TDM circuits, while maintaining toll quality. Depending upon the application, you can realize per-channel cost reductions of nearly 30%

Web-based element management and global network management

  • The Alcatel-Lucent EMS-PSAX Element Management System provides comprehensive, real-time, and centralized element management for the PSAX 2300
  • Alcatel-Lucent Network Management Systems provide network-level management for the entire PacketStar® PSAX portfolio



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