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Virtualized Services Platform (Nuage Networks)

The cloud network unbound with software-defined networking

Nuage Networks™, a Nokia venture, helps service providers, web-scale operators and enterprises unleash the power of the cloud. Our software-defined networking (SDN) solution gives you the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Connect sites, workgroups and applications faster, more securely and more cost-effectively
  • React to change easily
  • Respond to growth seamlessly.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) virtualizes and automates any datacenter network infrastructure, so you can instantaneously deliver cloud applications to thousands of tenants in a policy-driven manner. Nuage Networks provides SDN capabilities for clouds of all sizes – from small private clouds to the largest public clouds in the world, making the network as readily consumable as compute resources.

Nuage Networks VSP provides an open, vendor-neutral cloud networking infrastructure that supports all leading virtualization platforms, network hardware and cloud management platforms. No proprietary or purpose-built hardware is required since all components install in Docker containers, hypervisors or virtual machines.

The Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG) extends SDN 2.0 functionality seamlessly between virtualized and non-virtualized assets in the datacenter. It is a high-performance gateway, providing high scalability (up to a terabit of capacity in a single rack unit) and multi-tenant gateway functionality at Layers 2 to 4. Read the Nuage Networks 7850 VSG Gateway datasheet.

Nuage Networks Software-Defined Networking platform integrates with best-of-breed applications, platforms, tools, and hardware

Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program (NN-VCP)

Accelerate cloud services delivery and advance your career by becoming a NN-VCP-certified SDN professional for the datacenter and WAN.

Find out how to become a Virtuoso


Nuage Networks SDN seamlessly connects your datacenter and the WAN, so networking across the whole environment is fluid and responsive. With the Nuage Networks VSP solution, you can:

Simplify operations for rapid service instantiation

  • Define network service requirements in clear, IT-friendly language
  • Bring up services using automated, policy-based instantiation of network connectivity
  • Reduce time to service and limit potential for errors.

Address changing business requirements

  • Adapt datacenters and private networks dynamically
  • Detect newly created and updated virtual machines and respond automatically by adapting network services according to established policies; this instantly makes available new applications to all users, regardless of location.

Support massive scalability and hybrid models

  • Benefit from a distributed, policy-based approach that allows multiple virtualization platforms to interoperate over a single network
  • Optimize the datacenter network by separating service definitions from service instantiation


Current networking environments are not cohesive:

  • The datacenter has its own networking environment, focused on the placement and responsiveness of business applications
  • The WAN concentrates on the connections between the datacenter and branch locations.

Our SDN solution turns these two functional islands into a single, cohesive and fully integrated environment to support your business.

  • Datacenter virtualization - Build and operate your network at any scale: a single rack, Fortune 500 scale, or service provider cloud. The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform lets you instantaneously and automatically deliver compute, storage and networking resources securely to thousands of tenants and user groups.
  • Branch network virtualization - With Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services you can deliver network services where, when, and as needed, over any network, cloud, and form-factor. With full control and visibility you can define service capabilities and establish a hierarchy of policies that can be consistently and seamlessly applied.

Customer Cases

Nuage Networks SDN solutions case studies

Produban’s hybrid cloud scales to support global business

Produban needed to build a scalable global cloud with a networking infrastructure to deliver worldwide digital banking services for its customers. To meet these requirements, Produban looked at suppliers around the world to find a solution that would fit its exacting requirements.

Read the Produban success story.

China Mobile creates DevOps private clouds for its subsidiaries

In a fiercely competitive environment, China Mobile needed to transform its internal systems to a cloud model. While this model needed to support customers eventually, the initial impetus was to create a robust architecture for development and operations (DevOps).

Read the China Mobile success story.

European company innovates a new disruption: the dedicated cloud

The company’s customers wanted the self-service controls, reliability, and security of a dedicated server environment but the elasticity, cost and scale advantages of a public cloud. And many customers wanted physical isolation to address privacy and security concerns.

Read the European company success story.

Korean company “conglomerates” a private cloud

The company was facing a critical junction in its evolution. Its customers —  very large enterprises — wanted to transition from hosting to a private cloud environment. Their cloud needs could not be met by a legacy networking architecture.

Read the Korean company success story.

Cloud Service Provider redefines public cloud for China

The company provides a public cloud for enterprises ranging from small-to-medium businesses to large enterprises. The existing cloud services could not achieve the scale the company needed, both in terms of resources and operations.

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"We are excited about this latest innovation from Nuage Networks. Extending SDN network automation capabilities to BBVA cloud regions will allow us to turn up and adapt our network services in a far more timely and efficient way, streamlining operations and improving our agility by automating network connectivity and services in a policy-based fashion that aligns with our business objectives."

Pascual de Juan, Global Head of Innovation in Technologies, BBVA Digital Bank

"Nuage Networks ties the business together. Standing on its own within the SDN overlay market is Nuage Networks, a fully funded venture exclusively by Nokia. While the rest of the market is tackling hybrid cloud issues or hybrid WAN connections at the branch office, Nuage is the first to align to Forrester’s third virtual network infrastructure tenet — an enterprise-wide fabric of horizontally interconnected components."

Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

"We are pleased to implement the Nuage Networks product suite in our cloud infrastructure. The Nuage Networks SDN technology allows us to address key performance and compatibility requirements for an open environment. This will allow us to virtualize our infrastructure and to offer our customers cloud services in a more dynamic way."

Erik Beauvalot, Chief Operating Officer, Numergy