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Network Services Platform: IP/optical SDN automation and optimization

A carrier SDN platform that unifies service automation, network optimization and dynamic assurance for delivery of profitable, on-demand network services

The Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) provides operators with a more efficient way to automate, optimize and assure network services across multiple network layers, physical/virtual infrastructure, as well as equipment from multiple vendors.

Cloud and IoT customers expect operators to deliver network services on-demand so they can consume only what they need, when and where they need it. For operators, this means provisioning services, and doing so in a way that makes optimal use of their networks assets.

Nokia’s purpose-built Carrier SDN software addresses these challenges by blending Nokia’s experience in service management, assurance, and in building and managing large-scale IP/MPLS and optical networks. The NSP delivers a unified approach to service automation, network optimization and assurance in one integrated platform so you can:

  • Create on-demand IP/optical network services in less than half the time and provision them in seconds/minutes instead of days/weeks
  • Add network awareness to on-demand service provisioning so you can make best use of available network assets
  • Extend assurance capabilities – such as integrated OAM tests and network and service supervision - to SDN services so you can move from trials to large scale deployments
  • Adapt and optimize networks in real-time – using flow redirection and self-tuned adaptive routing - so you can get more out of your existing assets
  • Extend SDN automation capabilities to assurance functions so you can ensure on-going service/network health and high network efficiency – without manual intervention.

With Nokia Deepfield, NSP brings carriers and web-scale content providers the agility, responsiveness and effective operational processes needed for cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This tight Deepfield / NSP integration powers intelligent network services with real-time visibility, analytics and automation.  The end result is an insight-driven automated networking approach that delivers superior control and optimization for both network resources and application traffic flows.  This maximizes user experience and enhances network security automation to protect against potentially devastating DDoS attacks.

CSPs strive to thrive in an on demand World

Read Light Reading article by our Sasa Nijemcevic (VP & GM of NSP) to learn about protecting the web-scale content user experience in real-time.

Discover how to win in the era of the cloud and IoT with insight-driven SDN automation and optimization. Explore taking OTT application experience up a notch with insight-driven network control.

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Designed to expect the unexpected Reimagine your IP networksUse our breakthrough silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

  • Intelligent service instantiation ensures services are mapped to the best available network assets
  • Automates provisioning, optimization and assurance for all network layers
  • Simplifies the network towards IT systems/OSSs to enable DevOps approach
  • Real-time network path computation and optimization is driven by KPIs and metrics so it can rapidly adapt to changing network conditions
  • Spans IP/MPLS and optical layers, and both physical and virtual network infrastructure
  • Works with equipment from multiple network vendors

"Leading network operators everywhere are adopting big data analytics and software-driven automation to evolve to a modern way of building and operating IP networks—no question! Operators are looking for a very high-performance network that provides not just the requisite jacked-up power and capacity, but also they need intelligence and extensibility to meet their goals of automation and service agility. Operators will want to examine the new Nokia FP4 silicon and the systems that use it, as it delivers against this triplet of critical network capabilities – in order to support their offered services in this cloud age with IoT, 5G, and machine communications, where networks must become bigger, more adaptable and more secure than any we’ve seen to date"
 - Michael Howard, Senior Research Director, Carrier Networks, IHS Markit

"Service assurance is a critical requirement for successful SDN-based automation and optimization in the WAN (aka 'carrier SDN\'). Without adequate assurance capabilities, uptake of carrier SDN has been slow, particularly for complex multi-domain, multi-vendor networking applications. CSPs are recognizing the need for integrated assurance and asking vendors for solutions. In this market context, Nokia’s announcement of NSP with assurance is both important and timely."
 - Dana Cooperson, Research Director, Network, Software and Virtualization, Analysys Mason

"We applaud NOKIA's initiatives to bring closed-loop automation to networks, and to help apply these modern methods to the large installed base of technology - achieving business transformation even ahead of underlying technology transformation"
 - Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group

"Service assurance is critical for service providers as they move from trial to mass commercial deployment of transport SDN technologies. With KPI collection, correlation and policy-driven action, NSP is enabling service providers to move from alarms and dashboards to fully automated responses over time and with increasing confidence"
 - Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst, Intelligent Networking, ACG Research

"In order for SDN to mean we can really improve our customer experience and impact our network economics, we need approaches that consider the real-time state of the network and relate it to the requirements of the service we provide. Doing so allows us to assure performance, and optimise resource usage across all our network layers. Tightly coupling service requirements and performance with network control, as in NSP, promises to deliver real-world benefits of centralised optimisation whilst exploiting the strength of our existing distributed network."
 - Rob Shakir, BT End-to-End Network Architect

"The NSP is a uniquely complete service definition and management platform supporting a blend of streamlined service definition with a powerful mediation engine that automates deployment of those services in a multi-layer, multi-vendor WAN. Using a mix of optimization and management technologies hardened over 1000s of operator deployments, as well as important protocol and data modeling standards being widely adopted in large scale cloud and operator infrastructures, the NSP advances the state of the art in wide area service automation with the functionality it supplies in a single unified solution. It will undoubtedly be a key ingredient in turning many operators' WANs into agile service delivery platforms."
 - Paul Parker-Johnson, Practice Lead, Cloud & Virtual System Infrastructures, ACG Research

"The carrier SDN solution produces about 8 times more revenue than the PMO. The agility enabled by NSP gives its service offering a prime mover advantage over the PMO. PMO’s slow business processes pushes out its market penetration curve and delays revenue recognition. NSP’s short service creation time allows many more service ideas to be tried within a year and thus increases the odds of finding a winner."
 - Dr. Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research (TechBlog -“Dynamic network services: Case for carrier SDN”)

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