Network Services Platform

A carrier SDN platform that unifies service automation and network optimization for delivery of profitable, on-demand network services

The Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) provides operators with a more efficient way to define, provision, and activate network services across multiple layers, physical/virtual infrastructure, as well as equipment from multiple vendors.

Enterprises expect communications services to be as flexible and agile as the cloud services that they already use everyday. They want consumption-based, on-demand pricing models where they only buy what they need, when and where they need it.

The Nokia NSP addresses these challenges by unifying service automation and network optimization in one integrated, carrier SDN platform that enables you to:

  • Create network services in less than half the time and provision them in seconds/minutes instead of days/weeks
  • Adapt and optimize networks in real-time so you can get more out of your existing assets
  • Add network awareness to on-demand service provisioning so you can make best use of available network assets
  • Add service health awareness to dynamic network optimization to ensure on-going service quality and network efficiency

Nokia was recently awarded the Leading Lights award for having the most innovative software defined networking (SDN) product strategy during the past year. Find out why the Leading Lights panel of judges and our NSP customers think we’re onto something big.

  • Intelligent service instantiation  ensures services are mapped to the best available network assets
  • Provisions all network layers automatically
  • Simplifies the network towards IT systems/OSSs to accelerate service creation
  • Real-time network path computation and optimization is driven by KPIs and metrics so it can rapidly adapt to changing network conditions
  • Spans IP and optical layers, and both physical and virtual network infrastructure
  • Works with equipment from multiple network vendors

NSP: Carrier SDN for the on-demand network