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MulteFire allows LTE to run without being anchored in licensed spectrum

MulteFire combines the high performance of LTE with the simple deployment of Wi-Fi. Using unlicensed spectrum, it can be deployed by operators, cable companies, ISPs, building owners and enterprises.

Nokia is globalizing and commercializing MulteFire and is one of the two founding members of MulteFire Alliance.

During MWC16 Ray LeMaistre talked with MulteFire Alliance Board Chair Stephan Litjens about the benefits of MulteFire technology and how it will co-exist with other technologies in unlicensed spectrum. See the interview here. They also discussed the multiple applications, performance and quality-of-service benefits of MulteFire technology, see here.

Nokia MulteFire

  • Easy deployment using small cells without costly licensed spectrum
  • Enterprises and ISPs can build their own MulteFire network using zero touch installations enabled by Advanced SON (Self Organizing Network)  
  • Mobile operators can provide carrier grade data and voice services when no licensed spectrum is available
  • High service quality for end-users

  • MulteFire is designed for enhanced coverage, range, capacity, and mobility
  • Co-exists and complements Wi-Fi – outdoor coverage, improved performance and security
  • MulteFire Alliance is driving the development of a global technical specification

MulteFire allows LTE to run without being anchored in licensed spectrum. Combining the power of LTE with the convenience of Wi-Fi, it opens up 4G to small businesses, enterprises, venue owners, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and cable companies as well as mobile operators.