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Motive Network Traffic Management

Motive Network Traffic Management (NTM) manages and provides network traffic surveillance, analysis and control for traffic carried by regional, local, private, signaling, and intelligent networks. The software optimizes call carrying capacity if the network experiences overload or failure. With this capability, network traffic managers can develop effective strategies and plan for special events, as well as ensure high-quality service and maximize revenues.

The Motive NTM reliably and rapidly collects and processes traffic data, including status and alert indicators, control information, and periodic measurements. The data is used for exception processing and calculations to detect abnormalities. Graphical displays highlight potential problems and make it easy to determine their source. This software also monitors the status of trunk groups and network elements.

Benefits & Features

Supports quick problem resolution by providing real-time event status and network congestion data

  • Comprehensive, near-real-time data collection
  • Provisioning of information needed to activate appropriate controls
  • Flexible control support

Helps network traffic managers develop strategies for emergencies and special event planning

  • Constant information access even when the network is stressed or a disaster has occurred
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Historical data access

Ensures high-quality service and maximizes revenues by prioritizing revenue-producing traffic

  • On-board data collection tool for quick addition of new network elements and device support
  • Flexible GUI and data visibility using grouping and system administration tools
  • User-defined data types and data collection option