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Motive Customer Service Console

Motive Customer Service Console (CSC) gives customer service representatives (CSRs) the visibility, key information and management capabilities they need to quickly setup and manage new services, and diagnose and resolve service issues. A robust service management interface includes diagnostic intelligence and other relevant information about a customer’s service from multiple sources such as the customer device, the provider’s network, third-party or partner systems, and back-office systems. CSC simplifies diagnostics and service troubleshooting by allowing CSRs to execute service management actions based on pre-built workflows. Using the Motive Customer Service Console, call center and customer service representatives can quickly pinpoint issues and take corrective action.


  • Provides a sophisticated customer customer care framework that gives CSRs capabilities that quickly guide them through problem triage, diagnosis, and resolution
  • CSRs execute pre-built service troubleshooting and problem resolution workflows - ensuring a consistent and better user experience
  • Reduces support call handle times by providing automated, end-to-end problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Provides operators with a high-level of customization, and the flexibility of working in an integrated customer support environment, in a wide variety of deployment scenarios.
  • Increases the efficiency of CSRs by providing a unified help desk console that can directly manage subscriber CPE


  • Provides a complete customer service support console that combines telemetry from different sources and presents the information in a view that greatly increases the efficiency of the CSR
  • Supports workflow rendering - enabling CSRs, through the customer service console to execute diagnostics, troubleshooting, and problem remediation actions based on pre-built workflows in order to solve subscriber problems quickly
  • Integrates with Genesys Interaction Workspace - providing a single agent interface for call handling and service device troubleshooting. Allows CSC to leverage Genesys call center applications such as Chat
  • Operator-defined, customized tests and diagnostics, as well as external third-party tools, can be added to - and launched from CSC, enabling detailed device analysis and problem resolution
  • Allows CSRs to directly manage endpoints - view and configure device parameters, execute device actions, and view a detailed log of actions that have occurred on the device