Cloud Mobile Gateway

Get the scale, performance, and flexibility you need for mobile broadband growth, IoT/M2M services, and the evolution to 5G 

The Nokia Cloud Mobile Gateway performs the gateway functions in the packet core to address the growth of mobile broadband, deliver new IoT/M2M services, and provide an evolution path to 5G. Its cloud-native, state-efficient design delivers the web scale, flexibility, and performance you need to support more users, devices, and services over wireless and fixed access.

Our Cloud Mobile Gateway’s software is highly reliable and field proven. It can interwork with real-time cloud datastores such as our Shared Data Layer (SDL) to support a very robust and highly resilient deployment architecture. This architecture also lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves resource efficiency by delivering resources when and where you need them.

The Cloud Mobile Gateway supports a wide range of mobile gateway functions, including SGW, PGW/GGSN, ePDG, TWAG, and enhanced TDF (SSG). 

The Cloud Mobile Gateway’s hardware-optimized and cloud-native virtualized network functions (VNFs) share a common network management system with the other Nokia packet core elements. As a result, the Cloud Mobile Gateway supports a consistent operations model while enabling a seamless transition to NFV and software-defined networking (SDN).

Web scale and resource efficiency

  • Delivers the bandwidth capacity to support the growth of mobile broadband services across a multi-access network
  • Uses a state-efficient, cloud-native VNF design that dramatically increases subscriber and connectivity to support millions of IoT/M2M sensors and devices
  • Maximizes resource utilization and reduces network signaling by using a Shared Data Layer that provides a common repository of all network subscriber data
  • Features a cloud-native architecture that distributes user traffic across data centers and increases subscriber and session capacities beyond the physical limits of hardware-based chassis

Increased flexibility and reduced network complexity

  • Separates control and user plane functions to eliminate stranded or underused resources 
  • Provides greater network deployment flexibility, enabling support for either centralized or distributed architectures 
  • Reduces network complexity with one platform that supports a range of mobile gateway functions, including SGW, PGW/GGSN, ePDG/TWAG, and enhanced TDF (SSG)

Lower TCO 

  • Provides converged mobile gateway functions that simplify network engineering and planning
  • Reduces OAM with simplified IT and data center operations and a common element and network management system (EMS/NMS)

Advanced reliability and redundancy

  • Supports stateful failover and rapid recovery for all virtual machines 
  • Uses internal load balancing to prevent overload conditions
  • Provides a geo-redundant configuration option to support additional network resiliency

Faster time to market

  • Enables rapid deployment of new mobile gateways that are right-sized for the service through NFV/SDN automation and lifecycle management
  • Dynamically adjusts capacity when and where it’s needed
  • Supports tailoring of new services to targeted customers with enterprise gateway features and service chaining

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Our comprehensive Cloud Packet Core solution enables the delivery of advanced mobile, business, and fixed access services. We offer a full array of packet core network functions and applications using field-proven technologies and expertise that can help you speed service delivery, deliver greater scale and capacity, and operate your network more efficiently.