MDR 8000

The Nokia MDR 8000 offers a graceful migration from TDM to Ethernet for microwave radio networks without costly equipment replacement. A new interface card provides native Ethernet ports with 32 DS1 on-board to allow TDM traffic to be dynamically provisioned alongside the radio's Ethernet bandwidth. Existing MDR 8000 radios supporting only TDM services over DS1, DS3 or OC-3 may be upgraded in the field.


  • Upgrade existing systems to Ethernet with minimal investment
  • Highly reliable transport over long distances
  • Cost-effective alternative to leasing T1 and/or Metro Ethernet
  • Cost-effective alternative to building fiber facilities


  • Native Ethernet transport at 8, 12, 24, 50 and 150 Mb/s - 300 Mb/s with dual transceivers
  • Expanded DS1 capacity: 32xDS1
  • Extremely low latency
  • Protected Ethernet interfaces in hot-standby and dual-channel radios
  • Ethernet upgrade to MDR 8000 systems already in place