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IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Core products

Offer converged mobile and fixed services over any device using IMS

Provide your customers with Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and multimedia services while maintaining a profitable network.

Allowing you to evolve towards an all-IP core, IMS is a high-performing core controller for LTE networks providing VoLTE, VoWiFi and multimedia services for multiple devices.

IMS provides a standardized, future-proof network architecture with open interfaces, ensuring interoperability of  multivendor equipment, combined with maximum reuse of existing network elements.

The Nokia IMS-based product portfolio gives field-proven, efficient and robust voice and multimedia services with any access type – mobile, wire-line or cable.


Maintain and expand business with IMS core:

  • Use IMS core for LTE to maintain revenue from today’s services while providing top quality for your customers
  • Add a rich communications environment to voice services and help your customers make their mobile access even more pleasurable and central to their lives
  • Provides a standardized and well-tested end-to-end solution to reduce the risks of integration
  • A core for all network access types and a common provisioning and management system help decrease operational costs even in the cloud
  • Evolve and converge your network to deliver voice and rich multimedia services across any network access 
  • Optimize your network to improve margins on voice traffic, enhance the customer experience and prepare for the migration to an all-IP network
  • Enrich digital content with horizontal service integration

Maintain and expand business with Nokia IMS Core products

Flexible, adaptable and easy to implement, Nokia IMS products come ready integrated with best-of-breed partner products.

Offer converged mobile and fixed services over any device using IP Multimedia Subsystem

CFX-5000 SIP session controlControls every service in an all-IP network and makes possible new subscriber services such as VoLTE, Voice over WiFi, RCS and WebRTC Telecom Application Server (TAS)Built according to IMS core architecture, providing services for VoLTE and Voice over WiFi Home Subscriber Server (HSS)A unified solution for subscriber access managementSession Border Controller (SBC)Renew and migrate your session border controller to the cloud with Nokia PCS Policy Control ServerPCS is a powerful policy control server suite for the convergence of mobile networks and fixed access. It supports rapid and flexible policy creation for today’s mobile broadband and for data and voice with LTE

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