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Gainspeed Video Engine

Unlock new capacity and cost savings in your cable network

The Nokia Gainspeed Video Engine, available in both a rack server (1RU)* and 14-blade chassis form factor, protects cable operators’ deployed Edge QAM (EQAM) investment and enables a smooth migration to IP video. It terminates RF video services in the hub, enabling Ethernet transport to Nokia Gainspeed Access Nodes.

The Video Engine seamlessly and transparently integrates into an operator’s existing video distribution network, and enables the operator to dramatically increase IP capacity without touching the existing QAM infrastructure.

Since video encryption and signaling are transparent to the Video Engine, it can be deployed in any market, regardless of the set top box or encryption type.

Video Engine DV-24

Video Engine MV-14


Digital and analog video services

  • Preserve legacy analog and digital video services and EQAMs.
  • Retain set top box installed base.
  • No manual intervention required for set top boxes.
  • No change to content protection and encryption schemes.

IP multicast efficiency

  • Flexibly customize the size of the video service group.
  • Eliminates the need to manage a complex hierarchy of combiners, splitters and amplifiers.

Superior RF performance

  • Dramatically improves Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (CNR).
  • Greatly increases RF performance resulting in fewer drop-outs, improved end-user experience and reduced operator truck-rolls.

Simple centralized management

  • Remote configuration and management of one or many Video Engines increases operational agility.


Digital and analog video services

  • Innovative, patented mechanism transforms existing QAM video line-up and set top box control to Ethernet.
  • Transparent to the video distribution infrastructure and Video EQAMs.
  • Works with any channel line-up.
  • Works with any video encryption scheme (Cisco PowerKey, Arris Digicipher and Privacy Mode, DVB Simulcrypt, etc.)
  • Supports transparent transport for set top box out-of-band (OOB) control channels, as defined in SCTE-55-1 and SCTE-55-2, via circuit emulation.

IP multicast efficiency

  • Leverages standard IP multicast to create video streams once and replicate them to selected Access Nodes.

Superior RF performance

  • Transports video services to Access Nodes as IP multicast packets instead of QAM/RF carriers.

Simple centralized management

  • Centralized management from the Nokia Gainspeed Access Controller.
  • Choice of CLI or web GUI for on-board system management, or use SNMP or NETCONF to configure and control the Video Engine from any third-party management application.