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Flexi Lite Base Station

With Flexi Base Station you get full-capacity in a compact micro/pico package

The small all-in-one Nokia Flexi Lite Base WCDMA Station is optimized for outdoor and indoor micro-cell deployments. Whether filling holes in rural coverage or providing hotspot capacity in a dense urban network, the Flexi Lite Base Station meets your needs.

Flexi Lite WCDMA Base Station frequency variants are: 2100MHz and 1900MHz.
With high power transmitter output (up to 10W + 10W), high receiver sensitivity (-121dBm single branch) and MIMO support, the Flexi Lite Base Station offers excellent coverage. Where capacity is the primary concern, power can be tuned to reduce interference with the macro network.


Capital cost savings

  • Ideal for locations where a macro base station would not be cost effective
  • Small, light base station saves site and infrastructure costs

Operational cost savings

  • Opens up new sites that can offer reduced rental costs
  • Low power and optimal capacity reduces energy costs
  • Lowest transport costs with integrated IP transport

Blends in with surroundings

  • Discreet form factor enables installation on walls and lamp-posts
  • The Flexi Lite base station is easy to site within buildings to provide indoor coverage
  • Easy to conceal in dense urban environments