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Artificial intelligence applications for the digital telco

Fastermind (formerly Comptel Fastermind)  brings artificial intelligence to digital telcos. It recommends, predicts and automates real-time decisioning (RTD) for next best actions, enabling customer engagement automation. Fastermind understands data from all sources but is specifically geared to dig deep into the telco domain data and processes. It extracts value from the unique and information rich data only digital service providers have at their disposal. Discover patterns and give recommendations to engage with your customer with the right message at the right time.

  • Revenue generated in 3 months, activated 33,000 dormant customers

    Operator in MEA

  • Improvement in campaign take up rates in 3-month period (real-time vs batch)

    Operator in MEA

  • increase in ARPU in 3 months

    Operator in MEA

Personalization is the key to loyalty

Today’s mobile customers want to be treated as individuals. They expect their service provider to know who they are, and they want them to provide more tailored service.

  • Predict: Anticipate opportunities and threats with smart machine-learning algorithms
  • Record: Personalized, contextually relevant customer engagements with RTD
  • Automate: Human tasks and operations to improve scale and efficiency

With Fastermind, you can increase revenue, marketing return on investment (ROI) and the customer lifetime value (CLV). Turn digital moments into real-time business opportunities with engagements that are just right for the customer’s context.


Key benefits

AI dedicated for the telco
Telco data is unique. That is why Fastermind has AI that optimizes the domain specific data, processes and systems like no other. Fastermind’s use cases are optimized for the telco sector and it automatically triggers the action to deliver the communication.

Engage in the moment
Engage your customer with attractive promotions or messages at the peak moment of interest. Offer only what is relevant, when it is relevant. Fastermind combines the dynamically changing contextual criteria (such as location) and the more static information (such as customer profile) for each engagement.

Mobile optimized
The best way to serve a customer in the right moment is through mobile: it’s always on. Fastermind is optimized for mobile channels.

Data-driven decisions
Use data to generate insights for fact-based and data-driven decision-making. Fastermind visualizes data in real-time to serve business stakeholders instantaneously. Find specific event records from big data to discover threats and opportunities.

Identify patterns
Discover insightful patterns from data that are easily hidden from the human eye. Fastermind finds unexpected relationships from network and customer data. Stay a step ahead of the curve and anticipate your customer’s next move or find problems from the telco data before the problems escalate or become a crisis.

Super simple UI
Creating RTD logics for customer engagements is super simple. Onboard marketers and product managers quickly.


  • Real-time decisioning (RTD) for customer engagement automation based on customer’s digital moments and profile data
  • Easy to use user interface optimized for marketing users to create and manage contextual engagements
  • Integrates to Data Refinery, integration with 3rd parties supported
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Big Data aggregates for dynamic & descriptive variables on customer or network trends and patterns
  • Predictive and tailor-made machine learning use cases to resolve specific business problems

How does the Fastermind suite work?

Tirelessly follows the data streams but ignores the irrelevant moments. Streams provided by Data Refinery.

Identifies the right moment to engage with the promotion or message.

Engages the customer in the right context based on the logic that the user has created.

Identifies patterns and usage trends to produce predictions on expected behavior.

Identifies best next action for the customer based on usage patterns and machine learning.

Gives you the best view on data, whether past or fast.