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Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight


Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight

Increase the efficiency of your marketing activities

Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight provides tools and expertise that can increase the efficiency of your marketing activities. It lets you create, execute, and monitor campaigns using one end-to-end platform that’s easy to integrate with your existing assets.

Today’s mobile network generates a lot of data. But do you understand how subscribers behave in your digital channels? For example, what happens when they navigate your web pages or click through in mobile applications?

Our Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight solution lets you use network experience insights, real-time subscriber behavioral analytics, and CRM data to build better marketing campaigns. It can help you:

  • Measure – Collect and understand network and subscriber data so you can build complete subscriber profiles that can be the basis for marketing activities.
  • Predict – Use predictive analytics to tailor and optimize campaigns for your subscribers.
  • Act – Automate and personalize campaigns based on business rules and predictive models that span multiple channels.

Our solution can also help you run your marketing campaigns more efficiently. It constantly monitors and collects feedback on your campaigns. You can use this feedback to make changes on the fly or refine your algorithms to make future campaigns more successful.

  • Increase revenue​ - Deliver the right offers to subscribers on the right devices at the right times. And do it while cutting campaign creation time from five days to one hour.
  • Address subscriber retention​ - Determine which subscribers are likely to cancel your service. Then retain them with the right message or offer.
  • Reduce costs​ - Proactively reach out to subscribers to keep them from having to call customer care.

Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Marketing Insight lets you use one solution to measure, predict, and act on subscriber and network insights. It can help you boost revenue, retain subscribers, and cut costs by delivering offers that address the way your customers behave in your digital channels.