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Adopt lean operations and increase business agility with CloudBand

CloudBand software is an ETSI NFV MANO system with commercially proven reliability, automation, repeatability and security. It is flexibly deployed for any combination of NFV Infrastructure / Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (NFVI/VIM), generic VNF Manager (G-VNFM), and NFV Orchestrator, and serves VNFs from Nokia and other suppliers.

As your network offer evolves and adapts to meet the challenges of digital time where operation is lean and service operation is fast and efficient, you need to rely on an infrastructure that meets many challenges that Nokia’s CloudBand portfolio will help you address:

Openness and universal applicability is now a requirement to stay on top when competing with traditional and web-scale service providers. With IT and Telco requirements blurring, it is important to keep options open with investment choices that, like Nokia’s CloudBand, support hybrid infrastructure, are open for multi-vendor and can meet the challenges of cloud-native architecture.

Serviceability and operability becomes a criterion of choice to accommodate the service requirement of real time workloads trending to zero latency. CloudBand uses the latest from centralized, upstream opensource channel. With zero downtime optimized upgrade procedures from the MANO, the network is ready to be serviced continuously.

Security, which has always been a key priority for infrastructure and services becomes still more important as the scope of services goes broader – Think IOT or 5G network slicing for instance. Designed bottom up for security and system hardening, and fully compliant with ANSSI, GDPR, NSA and additional country-specific security protocols, the CloudBand portfolio contributes to your secure offer.

Our CloudBand portfolio makes it simple to host, orchestrate, automate, and manage virtualized network functions (VNFs) and services. Its scalable and flexible products help you reduce time to revenue for new services and use automation and optimization to make network operations lean. With CloudBand, you benefit from the rapid pace of open-source innovation and get a carrier-grade product that’s ready for deployment.

It’s time to deploy cloud. Telenor, T-Mobile USA, Three UK, Vodafone, Elisa, Tele2, Altan, Bharti Airtel, Freedom Mobile, and about 90 customers use our CloudBand MANO for use-cases such as voice over LTE, evolved packet core, public safety, SD-WAN, government cloud, or as an NFV platform.

How will you use NFV? Turn your vision into reality with CloudBand.

A portfolio optimized for NFV MANO

CloudBand Infrastructure Software, CloudBand Application Manager, and CloudBand Network Director provide respectively the NFVI/VIM, VNFM and NFVO functions for NFV management and orchestration (MANO). They interface, using the ETSI MANO architecture Nokia and non-Nokia elements. This reduces complexity and ensures applicability in single and multi-vendor infrastructures. It is available as a complete MANO solution or as individual products in a multi-vendor deployment.

Nokia CloudBand: A portfolio optimized for NFV MANO


CloudBand Infrastructure Software

Wherever you are on your evolution to a cloud native solution, CloudBand Infrastructure Software is with you

CloudBand Infrastructure Software is a multi-purpose NFV infrastructure (NFVI) and virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM), built for OpenStack. It virtualizes and manages compute, storage, and network resources. It enables VNFs to run and ensures that they meet strict robustness, performance, and security requirements.

CloudBand Application Manager

Harness the power of repeatable automation with CloudBand Application Manager

CloudBand Application Manager is a VNF manager (VNFM), built for OpenStack and VMware, which automates VNF lifecycle management actions by managing resources and applying associated workflows. It is a generic VNFM (G-VNFM), with the same software serving both Nokia’s and other suppliers’ VNFs.

CloudBand Application Manager together with CloudBand Infrastructure Software bring elastic, programmable, and secure cloud-based foundation that are necessary to today and future digital network.

  • Automated VNF onboarding and scaling to simplify cloud management
  • Closed-loop self-configuration, self-healing and self-optimization

CloudBand Network Director

Never send a human to do a machine’s job

CloudBand Network Director is an NFV resource and network service orchestrator, built for OpenStack and VMware. It manages virtual resources across geo-distributed NFV infrastructure nodes. It visualizes and automates the lifecycle of network services, such as virtual CPE, including their forwarding graphs and service chains.

CloudBand Network Director allows to rethink operations with the use of abstraction automation and intelligence, for optimized digital operation

  • Closed loop between service fulfillment & assurance
  • Lower opex costs with extreme automation and catalogue driven orchestration

Join the NFV community
Join the CloudBand Application Manager ecosystem, part of Open Ecosystem Network community initiative, to explore onboarding topics.

NFV professional services

We support the CloudBand portfolio with end-to-end professional services. Our NFV consultants can help you plan, design, integrate, and operate telco cloud solutions and develop effective risk-mitigation strategies.

Realize the promise of NFV

  • Unlock new revenue streams by rapidly launching and scaling new cloud services.
  • Transition to lean operations by automating infrastructure and application lifecycle management processes.
  • Boost your cost efficiency with an NFV software portfolio that reduces hardware and software requirements and optimizes asset utilization.

Leverage open-source innovations and multivendor products

  • Ease multivendor integration with self-contained products that support interoperability validated by the New IP Agency and EANTC.
  • Speed time to production with carrier-grade products that make it easy to adopt open-source innovations and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Manage alarms and events with OpenStack’s Vitrage analytics, so you get insights on troubles’ root causes and address problems before they occur.
  • Build NFV solutions faster with products that align with key industry standards and initiatives such as ETSI NFV, OPNFV, TM Forum, and ONAP.

Deploy an NFV solution built for service providers

  • Remove complexity by automating the NFV infrastructure and application lifecycles.
  • Assure the service experience with a high-availability, end-to-end solution and tools that accelerate fault isolation.
  • Reduce deployment time to weeks or days with pre-integrated solutions that combine open-source software with critical NFV enhancements.
  • Deliver carrier networking capabilities within the data center and across the WAN using products integrated with the Nuage Networks SDN solution.

Meet the requirements of demanding carrier applications

  • Use enhanced platform awareness to deliver the reliable performance that carrier applications require.
  • Leverage software-defined carrier network connectivity to deliver differentiated cloud solutions.
  • Optimize distribution with an NFV platform designed to manage and automate geo-distributed NFV points of presence.

90 customers across the world have selected CloudBand for a diverse set of NFV projects

  • Transform a multi-national service provider’s business with NFV platforms in 5 countries serving networks that are highly multi-vendor
  • Achieve short time to market with a pre-integrated virtualized VoLTE and VoWifi solution with 3 central data centers and 7 access nodes
  • Augment enterprise data services with a scalable unified communications service enabling new voice services
  • Deliver scalable traffic optimization services in a rapidly growing mobile network market
  • Reduce complexity and increase control plane performance  for an end-to-end VoLTE service for a cable multi-service operator
  • Rapidly deploy wholesale virtualized mobile data services to ISP customers in a multi-site deployment
  • Serve far more enterprises with SD-WAN, sell new VNF-based services, and transform operational integration and scaling using our Service Orchestration for Dynamic Enterprise Services solution
  • Optimize government digital initiatives to better serve their citizens, without squelching grassroots initiatives, for services spanning connectivity, VPN, communications and IT hosting

“It has been a very demanding selection process, since the Shared Network is, up to now, the most ambitious telecommunications project worldwide. The quality of technology, experience, deployment capacity and financial strength are aspects that we have taken very much into account. With Nokia as one of our technology partners, I'm sure the Shared Network will have a service of unmatched quality and scope. We trust Mexico will have soon the best mobile broadband network of the world with 4G-LTE technology.” Joaquin Coronado, Managing Director, ALTÁN Redes

“We have worked with Nokia Networks since our inception in 2009, and they have been a trusted partner as we’ve expanded our footprint and subscriber base over the years. This new partnership with Nokia Networks as our sole source LTE network provider allows WIND to bring the most advanced technologies available to our customers.” Alek Krstajic, CEO, WIND Mobile

“In order to accelerate our roadmap towards a cloud-based, all-IP network, we need more multivendor solutions that are interoperable. This proof of concept, thanks to Cisco and Nokia working efficiently together with Orange, shows that we can utilize advanced NFV and SDN capabilities to speed up service deployment times and to offer potential cost optimization while increasing flexibility. In our view, interoperability is a key success factor so we hope that this proof of concept will spur the industry to work towards more interoperability.” Alain Maloberti, senior vice president, Orange Labs Networks

“Nokia (CloudBand): NFV Orchestration Software Leader  — Nokia has the heft to put together all the multivendor software/hardware, ecosystem partnerships, and professional services to develop and deploy not just the NFV MANO, but the full NFV and SDN projects in which NFV MANO plays a critical role.” Michael Howard, senior research director, carrier networks, IHS

Three carries 35% of mobile data traffic in the UK today.  The  cloud core network will enable us to scale even further and continue to offer great value and service innovation to our customers.  The agreement with Nokia will help us to continue delivering the UK's most reliable network. Graham Baxter, Chief Operating Officer, Three UK

“The G-Cloud network will allow the distribution of applications and resources at all times, wherever necessary, while providing consolidated cloud and network management. This will allow the system to be operated as a unique virtual environment. This project will have many positive impacts for Burkina Faso, including micro and macro-economic growth, and increasing the efficiency of health and education services.” H.E. Mr Nébila Amadou Yaro, Minister, Ministry of Development of the Digital Economy and Posts

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