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Cloud Signaling Director (CSD)

Simplify, scale and secure your 4G signaling and prepare for 5G

Nokia Cloud Signaling Director (CSD) addresses the challenges of 4G traffic growth while setting the stage for 5G by simplifying interoperability, enabling massive scalability, and securing signaling. The CSD is Nokia's cloud-native software for 4G’s Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), and as a new function it provides control for the 5G’s HTTP/2 signaling, both within the 5G core and between the 5G core and untrusted peer networks & untrusted slices (e.g., enterprise, IoT).

Nokia Dynamic Diameter Engine (DDE) is now Nokia Cloud Signaling Director (CSD)

Popular LTE services are driving rapid growth of Diameter traffic

Diameter-based control plane traffic is escalating as consumers embrace advanced mobile broadband services. This growth results in an increasingly complex control topology and creates inefficiency and unpredictability.

To deliver the rich, secure experiences your customers want, you need an intelligent product that brings greater flexibility to the signaling control plane.

Performance, automation and new business drive 5G

Signaling changes from 4G’s Diameter to 5G’s HTTP/2 and JSON. Challenges in deploying your 5G core include:

  • Fully utilizing the 5G core’s Service Based Architecture (SBA), including dynamic configurations, massive scaling, and resilience.
  • Ensuring interoperability across the 5G core, both within and between networks.
  • Building in security from the start for internal and external threats.


Get smart about signaling

Our CSD product helps you address the challenges of signaling plane traffic growth.

Simplify your control topology

Reduce the 4G or 5G core’s complexity by deploying signaling control. You get more flexibility to define control plane behavior and support advanced mediation capabilities.

Manage control plane behavior

Boost operations efficiency, scalability, and performance by defining behavior in the control plane. CSD lets you create routing policies that enable and simplify server selection, load balancing, and session management.

Ensure interoperability within the control plane

Add 4G LTE network elements and 5G network functions without worrying about compatibility issues. With our CSD you can leverage mediation and data manipulation capabilities to ensure interoperability across different element versions and vendor implementations.

Secure the roaming infrastructure

Control and protect the exchange of signaling information across the roaming infrastructure with our 4G LTE Diameter edge agent (DEA) and our 5G Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), which lets you:

  • Control complex roaming agreements
  • Hide the network topology
  • Fix key message content and filter out unwanted data


Why choose Nokia for your signaling director?

Built for cloud native

CSD is designed from the start for cloud-native requirements, which avoids legacy software’s challenges when moving to cloud. The CSD is stateless, implements VNF life cycle management operations (installing, healing, scale-in, scale-out, etc.) with relative ease, and uses central DevOps aspects for integration, delivery and image storage. The CSD software integrates several open source services and is decomposed into several modules, providing flexible deployment options.

Agile Rules Technology

CSD is based on our Agile Rules Technology (ART). Backed by more than 150 patents, ART provides ease of use, flexibility, high performance, scalability, and maintainability. With ART you can:

  • Simplify the creation, testing, and deployment of routing policies with an easy-to-use visualization interface
  • Address your exact needs with a flexible, wide-ranging collection of routing use cases
  • Deliver high performance on any scale with policies to control complex routing scenarios
  • Streamline installation, upgrade, operations, and troubleshooting processes with service provider-centric technology

Extensive signaling experience

CSD draws on our deep knowledge of signaling. We develop the signaling capabilities of our packet core, IMS, and policy and charging control solutions in house. Our products are designed to work successfully in any multivendor environment. We have used our experience to help dozens of service providers around the world with their specific signaling needs.