CEM on Demand

CEM on Demand - see every aspect of the customer experience

Nokia CEM on Demand offers an unprecedented view of your customers’ experiences, allowing every function, from operations to marketing to customer care, to access and share information. Now it’s easier than ever to manage your customers’ experiences.

An extensive use case library shows the issues operators have faced and the benefits they gained by solving them with CEM on Demand. The solution includes customer-centric reports and dashboards based on customer experience key performance indicators, and actions for improving the customer experience. For example, your marketing department can follow the take up of new campaigns in real time, or operations can view service quality right down to an individual subscriber.

You can also use CEM on Demand to track customer satisfaction and revenue, to benchmark your performance against the competition with our Smart Device Insight client, and to target improvements based on real customer experiences.

A single view of customer satisfaction, revenue, device and network performance, available to the whole organization, will enable you to quickly identify any issues subscribers are experiencing, and prioritize improvements based on customer and business impact.

A modular architecture and proven software solutions are the foundation of CEM on Demand. Designed to handle real-time data, processes and actions, these solutions ensure high quality and seamless flow of data.

  • One entry point gives deep insights into all key performance indicators
  • Easily access and share information across your organization
  • See what success looks like with our use case approach

CEM on Demand can be implemented very quickly - in as little as two weeks, giving a fast return on investment. One European operator used CEM on Demand to reduce its churn rate of subscribers about to change operator from 10 percent to 1 percent in just three months.

Other examples include:

  • A Latin American operator retained high value customers at risk of churning by using targeted campaigns. The result was 2 million net revenue increase in three years.
  • An operator increased its customer satisfaction scores and reduced care call handling times by 20 percent by providing all customer information on a single screen.
  • One operator used proactive handling of frequent errors and prioritization based on customer impact to decrease the number of care calls and save up to 1.2 million yearly.


With its modular architecture and use case approach, our online CEM on Demand portal gives you the insights you need to take action and keep your customers happy.