Broadcast Message Center

The Nokia Broadcast Message Center (BMC) is a commercial mobile alert gateway for public safety, mobile advertising and enterprise-level message delivery in specified geographic areas. With its flexible design, service providers can offer the BMC as a complete solution for countries that want geographical coverage of government alerts.

The BMC provides a broadcaster web portal for managing messages. The access control mechanism offers a virtual operational environment for multiple independent broadcasters: IT administrators, campaign managers, businesses or individuals. This proven end-to-end solution is designed to support all future cell broadcast-based and multimedia-based commercial broadcast services. The standardized platform is scalable for multiple applications and future growth.

The BMC complies with GSM/UMTS, CDMA and LTE standards and emergency service standards, such as US CMAS and European EU-ALERT.

Benefits & Features

Ensures reliable cell broadcast with high availability, scalability, and flexible deployment

  • Precise geographic targeting of broadcast messages with delivery based on static/dynamic alerting
  • Translates geo-target areas to network nodes or elements
  • Supports geo-diverse and standalone deployment in networks with up to 800,000 cells

Enables the efficient, secure delivery of mass alerts, particularly for public warning services

  • Enables delivery of broadcast messages to a large geographic area
  • Prevents broadcast of messages from unauthorized sources or with improper content
  • Establishes a secure interface to the alerting gateway using IPsec

Offers a scalable, standardized platform for multiple applications and future growth

  • Complies with GSM/UMTS, CDMA and LTE standards
  • Easily integrated with any operator network with remote management and support
  • Supported on NEBS-compliant Nokia modular Converged Application Server (mCAS) platforms