Motive Big Network Analytics

Motive Big Network Analytics (BNA) combines:

  • multi-dimensional intelligence (m.IQ6),
  • select IT/OSS/BSS data - such as subscriber data plans, profile and billing information,
  • and data from third party probes and other systems

into a big data analytics infrastructure. It enables turnkey and custom analytics solutions focused on large amounts of network data that is dynamic, flexible, scalable, and enriched with complementary information.

BNA allows service providers to provide the full benefits of network intelligence to all parts of the organization without requiring a full data warehouse infrastructure migration. Deploying BNA provides flexibility and compatibility with existing or imminent big data migration plans.

Architecturally, BNA is comprised of multiple layers including flexible southbound interfaces that are used to support multiple and diverse data sources. It supports a distributed file system and processing layer to offer massive scale and processing performance. It also supports a flexible and scalable API that allows the integration of external systems. The key functional elements of BNA are offered by way of 3 licensable modules:

  • Flexible Reporting module : is the base mobile of the product and is anchored by a comprehensive and robust reporting engine that provides unique and powerful insight by offering thousands of canned reports coupled with the capability to create customized reports
  • QoE/SLA module : provides actionable and customized intelligence on the performance that each subscriber receives on a per-device, per-application basis
  • Care Enablement module : exposes subscriber network analytics to care systems enabling the handling of customer calls more rapidly and effectively


Benefits & Features

Flexibility framework

  • Single-source, network-centric analytics to provide deep and relevant insight and reporting tailored to the specific requirement
  • Support for custom KPI and SLA profiles and report creation

Fast and scalable

  • Computational environment designed to process massive amounts of network data while correlating across all multiple dimensions of network information (e.g. subscriber, device, application, network, signaling, IP flow)
  • Designed to maintain massive amounts of network data for long periods of time, opening insight into trends and longer term patterns 

Open environment

  • Southbound interfaces conducive to support the integration of third party data sources such as network probes and IT/OSS/BSS information
  • Highly scalable and open API supporting integration to external systems
  • Pre-integrated with Motive ServiceView for Mobile and Smart Plan solution

Expert network-centric analytics

  • Exposes analytics-driven network intelligence to all parts of the organization without full data warehouse infrastructure migration