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Automated Operations and Recovery

Automated Operations and Recovery (AOR) from Nokia simplifies service operations by automating network supervisory activities within a Service Operations Center. It moves traditional alarm-oriented operations into a more dynamic ticket-oriented, service-focused operations environment.

The AOR solution helps you quickly diagnose and recover from network faults without human intervention. Alarm events are collected, filtered, and correlated by an alarm umbrella system and then normalized for automated processing. Significant patterns are identified and enriched by adding information from a network inventory to increase the speed and accuracy of fault resolution.

By implementing an automated troubleshooting and ticketing process, you can decrease your resolution times, improve your quality of service, and achieve significant OPEX reductions as a result of this service assurance transformation.

AOR is a key software component of the Nokia Service Assurance portfolio.

Benefits & Features

Substantially improved end-to-end network management

90 percent cost savings in service operation center (SOC) supervisory activities

10 to 20 percent savings in cost of Layer 1 and Layer 2 SOC support activities

Enrichment and correlation gains (ticket/alarm ratio 1:10)

Faster problem resolution

Proactive monitoring to predict failures and improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) and availability 

Multi-vendor support for IP, mobile access, packet core, transmission, optics, fixed access, and value-added applications  

Customer incident resolution time improvement of more than 90 percent

Improved customer experience and service quality

Reduced operations and customer care complexity 

End-to-end service dashboard with tables, graphs, and heat charts to identify, monitor, and track quality of service levels