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Take access virtualization to new heights with Nokia Altiplano

The adoption of SDN/NFV brings the opportunity to fundamentally rethink how software-defined access networks are managed. As network functions are taken out of nodes, virtualized and centralized in the cloud, operators can make significant improvements in how network elements and services are configured and deployed.

With Nokia Altiplano, Nokia has built a cloud-native access platform that helps operators transition from traditional access networks to an open telco environment. Nokia Altiplano enables the transformation of the fixed access management systems, uniquely designed for SDN/NFV operations and leveraging modern cloud platforms to simplify IT and OSS integration.

The virtualized access platform uses a modular software architecture that operates in an open and disaggregated way. Modularity is not new in today's telecom practices but well-defined software components with open and standardized interfaces transform the networking perspective. The platform consists out of two products: the Nokia Altiplano Access Controller and the Nokia Altiplano Access Virtualizer. This modular architecture is designed to support the right levels of abstraction to enable programmability and automation.

No matter where you are with your access network - from a greenfield development to a brownfield enhancement - Altiplano's modular approach allows you to add functionality as your business and your network evolve. What's more, Nokia Altiplano supports a smooth transition to adopt SDN/NFV at a time of your choosing.

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Access Controller: automating the network

The Access Controller is the domain controller for unified management of both SDN and traditional access networks. It offers a wide range of APIs and tools, such as field force, service fulfilment, service assurance and task center applications that help to visualize, automate, optimize and enhance the network. It provides automation, easy integration with the OSS/BSS and flexible programming of end-to-end services in the access network.

Access Virtualizer: programming the node

The Access Virtualizer is cloud component that creates a virtualized and centralized view of the network in the cloud. It offers the logic and primitives for efficiently programming and monitoring the underlying network elements, without having to deal with challenges such as node reachability and scalability when connecting to hundreds of thousands of nodes

The new virtualized access platform has been built based on next-generation ICT technologies and principles. All components are composed of microservices that run inside lightweight Docker containers for the highest possible adaptability and support server virtualization, so they can deployed in a VM, or in a public or private cloud. This enables to scale up to a hundred thousand network elements.

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Nokia Altiplano brings extensive programmability and automation to increase service awareness and improve network performance

  • Multivendor solution that integrates easily across 3rd party systems, networks and partners. Extensible without vendor lock-ins
  • Flexible and scalable architecture, fitting into any cloud environment.
  • Full programmability through a set of open and standard interfaces.
  • Simplify devices by virtualizing and moving functions to the cloud.
  • Unique entry point to aggregate, persist and manage configuration, performance and fault databases for the entire network.
  • Automated tasks to lower labor costs and eliminate manual errors.
  • Roll out services more quickly and accurately with plug and play provisioning of both network elements and services.
  • Identification of congestion points and performance issues before they impact service quality.
  • Integrated and simplified troubleshooting procedures.
  • Reduce operating costs with blueprints based on Nokia's many years of experience in deploying fixed access networks.


Nokia Altiplano Access Controller

  • Addressing the entire life cycle of the access network.
  • Focus on customer operations cutting across FCAPS silos.
  • Decouples OSS from underlying implementations.
  • Single management interface for SNMP and NETCONF/YANG
  • Turns data in information that can be acted on.

Nokia Altiplano Access Virtualizer

  • Always-on programmable interface for the OSS.
  • Virtualizes and enhances the physical network
  • Unified view of the distributed network
  • Compliant with multi-vendor YANG standards
  • Unique entry point for data analytics