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Altiplano Access Controller

Transition to a software-defined access network at your own pace

As fixed network operators begin to transition to the cloud, networks will spend a considerable period of time in a hybrid physical/virtual state. The operational efficiencies promised by SDN/NFV will not be realized without a software platform able to master this hybrid environment.

The Nokia Altiplano Access Controller is the domain controller for access, providing unified access management and integrated network automation across a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment. Leveraging intent-based policies and validated blueprints, this approach drives better business outcomes with self-aware capabilities that continuously monitor and self-adjust to maintain the intended network state.

The Altiplano Access Controller represents the next-generation of fixed access management solutions. It is designed for the SDN/NFV space and leverages modern cloud platforms to simplify IT and OSS integration.

The virtualized access platform has a modular software architecture which operates in an open and disaggregated way. This delivers full flexibility and programmability to control access networks from the cloud and enables service providers to build a zero-touch network that is truly always-on, with full-time availability for all functions and services that the network needs to provide.

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Increase business agility

Ease the introduction of new services and apply changes rapidly and consistently with a modular and customizable approach.

Optimize operational expenditure

Automate network operations and reduce time-consuming manual interventions through an always-on programmable interface for the OSS.

Improve service fulfilment and service assurance

Break down complex network configurations and help human operators to manage service availability through a unified access management view.

Scale the network

Scale easily with a framework of modular reusable components, offering full programmability through a set of open interfaces and extensible data models.

Easy to integrate

Flexible deployment, fitting easily into any cloud environment, any NFV MANO and any NFV infrastructure, integrating 3rd party, open source, and multi-vendor systems and components.

Unified data access

Unique entry point to aggregate, persist and manage configuration, performance and fault databases for the entire network.


Unified management

The Nokia Altiplano Access Controller cloud-native platform serves as a single management interface for the operator's OSS. Its workflows and tools visualize, automate and optimize the network across different operational deployment models and device implementations. It equips providers with the means to enforce business rules independent from the underlying implementations and bridge traditional and software-defined networks.

Powerful automation

It offers a wide range of APIs and tools, such as field force, service fulfillment, service assurance and task center applications that help to visualize, automate, optimize and enhance the network. It provides intent-based automation and runs a flexible service-to-device mapping engine which holds the logic for the optimal realization in the network. Always-on and zero-touch operations are the default.

Programmable modular design

Altiplano Access Controller is an open and programmable framework of modular scalable reusable components. A fundamental principle is the decoupling of device and service layers, which inherently reduces the risk of introducing new technologies and allows investment in new systems and services to be incremental. Its open and standard interfaces allow easy integration and flexible programming of the access network.


Altiplano Access Controller is a cloud-native solution, pre-integrated with common tool chains and IT platforms. The always-on network offers the logic and primitives for efficiently programming and monitoring the underlying network elements, without having to deal with challenges such as node reachability and scalability when connecting to hundreds of thousands of nodes.

Lightspan CF

The Nokia Lightspan Access Node CF-24W is a compact, high-capacity access node designed to deliver cutting-edge services in a software-defined access network. The node is optimized for deploying fiber from data center-like environments with centralized intelligence in the cloud.


Lightspan SX/DX

Programmable micro-nodes. Automation and zero-touch provisioning enable operators to increase the speed of deployment by 50%.


Software-defined Access Networks

Software defined access networks create new ways of working, allowing operators to streamline their networks and processes. SDAN makes operators agile again and renews their ability to scale.