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AirScale RNC

AirScale RNC scales WCDMA capacity in line with demand and optimizes total cost of ownership

Nokia AirScale Radio Network Controller (RNC), an essential part of the Cloud RAN AirScale solution, eliminates WCDMA network capacity bottlenecks. It scales-out resources for extreme throughput capacity and as demand subsides, scales-in again to release resources for other tasks.

Add in its flexibility and inherent availability, and AirScale RNC changes the way networks are built. AirScale RNC also helps to optimize network capital and operational expenditures, making a move to the cloud an easy, win-win decision.

With WCDMA likely to remain the planet’s most popular mobile technology for many years, AirScale RNC can help operators ensure their networks continue to deliver the best functionality at the lowest cost.

  • Business agility: enables rapid introduction of new services to create business opportunities
  • Extreme scalability: AirScale RNC rapidly and efficiently scales resources as required, making bottlenecks a thing of the past
  • Evolution and investment protection: today’s investments will continue to serve tomorrow’s needs
  • Multi-layered approach: multiple cloud locations, distributed and centralized, create high resiliency
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure and standard interfaces to optimize the total cost of ownership
Nokia AirScale

Nokia AirScale RNC fulfils the performance and capacity requirements of the busiest WCDMA networks. It has been successfully trialed with the world’s leading network operators.

  • Nokia’s RAN portfolio serves more than 200 WCDMA/HSPA operators - more than any other vendor
  • Over 500 commercial WCDMA networks in more than 200 countries connect almost 2 billion WCDMA subscribers globally (Source: