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AirScale Radio Access

AirScale Radio Access reboots radio access for infinite capacity, invisible sites and instant innovation

Is your network ready for the 5G era? View our webinar on demand to find out how it can be done.

The mobile industry as we know it is going through a radical transformation. Just think about augmented reality, smart cities, mobile living, the Internet of Things with billions of sensors, connected cars, e-health – the list goes on.

As the future becomes ever more unpredictable, the key requirements for mobile networks are agility and adaptability. This adaptability is most effective if it takes place automatically, in the background. From network elements to mobile phone apps, we often take technology for granted, without realizing what really happens behind the scenes.

Nokia is responding to all the challenges with AirScale Radio Access, an entirely new way to build radio access networks that deliver services with unlimited capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity

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The AirScale Radio Access solution comprises of:

Nokia Airscale Radio Access


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  • Closes the gap between IT and telco
  • Speeds up software cycles for greater innovation and performance
  • Supports all technologies, is 5G ready and Wi-Fi integrated
  • Industry leading unlimited capacity and connectivity
  • Scalability and agility from Cloud
  • Ultra lean,invisible power efficient radio sites. Uses 60 percent less energy than even Nokia’s existing, market leading radio access platform
Nokia AirScale

Mobile broadband traffic is doubling each year, while the Internet of Things will see 50 billion devices connected to mobile broadband networks in the next decade. 5G is accelerating with new requirements and frequencies for radio. Virtualization and the cloud are driving operators’ efficiency and flexibility. The demand for more efficiency, connectivity and capacity calls for radical changes to radio access.