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AirScale Micro RRH

AirScale Micro RRH gives the capacity consumers need at lowest TCO

The telecoms industry is undergoing a fundamental change by introducing new technologies and architectures to satisfy promises and expectations. Radio access is evolving from the traditional Distributed RAN architecture to Centralized RAN enabling cell densification and virtualization in a cost-efficient manner, a pre-requisite for ubiquitous ultra-broadband for everyone with a new level of service introduction agility. AirScale Micro Remote Radio Head (RRH) allows operators to build both outdoor and indoor networks with the right cell size for their location, allowing them to manage costs and build the capacity they need, where it’s needed.

AirScale Micro RRH increases the flexibility of the AirScale Baseband Unit by providing diverse and versatile deployment options.

  • Managed cell costs with right size radio for right purpose
  • Optimized cell size with right power level per location and use case
  • Reduced OPEX with common operation & management system
  • AirScale baseband driving all radios/ baseband hoteling 
  • Seamless HetNet macro/micro coordination 
  • 4.5G/4.5G Pro/4.9G technology readiness

  • Enables communication service providers (CSP’s)  to increase capacity and improve coverage in dense areas, where equipment space comes at a premium
  • Small footprint, more capacity and less power consumption drive towards meaningful savings in operational costs

Use cases: Dense urban hot spots, grey/white spots, indoor coverage, indoor/outdoor mass events, seamless carrier aggregation with overlaying macro

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With the move from the traditional Distributed RAN architecture to Centralized RAN, networks are becoming denser and based on virtualized functions. Using the AirScale Micro RRH, operators can build the cost-effective networks they need, providing exactly the right capacity where customers demand it.