AirScale Base Station

Changes the way to build networks

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An integral element of AirScale Radio Access, AirScale Base Station is the industry’s most capable, lean, flexible and energy efficient radio site solution supporting all technologies from 2G, 3G, LTE, TD-LTE to 5G. AirScale Base Station consists of AirScale Single Band and Multiband radios, including the world’s first triple band radio, and AirScale system module with a market leading 28 Gbps capacity that can be further extended by simply chaining more system module units.

Furthermore, AirScale Base Station can take advantage of additional baseband capacity available via Cloud RAN for unlimited scalability to meet the growing traffic requirements and for evolving to future technologies. Nokia AirScale Radios and system modules also allow to leverage the existing site investments and can be used to seamlessly expand the existing Flexi Multiradio 10 base station sites.

With future-proof capacity and connectivity, AirScale Base Station truly delivers the capabilities needed to realize the various Internet of Things (IoT) business opportunities that are opening up and provides a smooth evolution to 4.5G Pro, 4.9G and 5G.

Nokia Airscale Radio Access

  • Any Radio - GSM, WCDMA,FDD LTE,TDD LTE, LTE-A Pro & 5G-ready
  • Any Topology- Distributed RAN, Centralized RAN and Cloud RAN
  • 3D floating pools- unlimited capacity and connectivity
  • In-build hexa resiliency with dual loop - highest possible availability
  • World’s first 400MHZ wide band multicarrier radio-ultra lean and efficient sites
  • OneClip zero bolt installation - 60% reduced installation effort
  • Zero energy consumed when zero traffic - 60% more energy efficient
  • Built to efficiently enrich user experience and rapidly evolve to meet changing network demands

Efficient, lean and offering wideband and multiband performance,AirScale Radio enables visually discreet, energy efficient and sustainable cell sites. In addition to being the world’s most energy efficient base station, Nokia AirScale Base Station is programmable, technology neutral and network agnostic, allowing traffic to grow without a corresponding increase in investment. The scalable and open approach is backwards compatible with the Nokia Flexi Base Station family, as well as ready for the next evolution in networks.

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AirScale Base Station changes the way networks are built. It efficiently enriches the user experience and rapidly evolves to different radio access technologies or network architectures to meet future demands and help operators to maximize their new business opportunities.