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AirScale Base Station

You can't see the future, but this base station helps you to be ready for it

Is your network ready for the 5G era? View our webinar on demand, to find out how you can make your network future proof.

AirScale Base Station is compact, yet delivers huge capacity and connectivity to support future traffic growth as your network evolves to 5G and IoT. A key part of AirScale Radio Access, the base station is easy to install and gives you the flexibility to run all radio technologies, including 5G, and support all network topologies, including Cloud RAN.

AirScale Base Stations enabled by the new Nokia ReefShark chipsets deliver market leading throughput, up to 84 Gbps per system module. AirScale baseband module chaining supports base station throughputs of up to 6 terabits per second, which will allow operators to meet the huge growing densification demands and support the massive enhanced mobile broadband needs of people and devices in megacities.

Even more capacity can be added from the cloud. AirScale Base Station also includes single band and multiband radio heads, including the world’s first triple band radio. Thanks to their compact size, energy efficiency, high output power and multiband capabilities, the radios help to reduce the site space requirement and allow faster roll out while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). These can support carrier aggregation, massive MIMO and Beamforming solutions to maximize the cell throughput and capacity for an enhanced overall user-experience.

Nokia Airscale Radio Access

  • Any radio technology - software defined support for 5G and 2G, 3G, 4G (FDD/TDD), 4.5G Pro and 4.9G including concurrent operations with Single RAN
  • Supports any network topology - Distributed RAN, Centralized RAN and Cloud RAN
  • Scalable - expand baseband capacity by chaining system modules and using AirScale Cloud RAN
  • Highest availability - platform with built in hexa-resiliency
  • Easy and fast to install with Nokia OneClip zero bolt installation
  • 60% more energy efficient than earlier generation base stations
  • Maximum re-use of existing network assets – backwards compatible with Flexi Base Station

AirScale Base Station is adaptable and powerful, able to meet your future needs as you move into the era of 5G, cloud and IoT. Not only does it deliver high quality connectivity and coverage for unprecedented user experience, but it enables you to evolve your network as and when needed to meet changing requirements.