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AirScale Active Antennas

AirScale Active Antennas increase network performance and reduce costs

An essential part of the expanding growing AirScale Radio Access solution, Nokia AirScale Active Antennas draw on our rich heritage in antenna and radio frequency R&D and product realization.

AirScale Active Antennas integrate the best in radio and antenna technology.In addition to boosting RF performance, cell capacity and coverage, these high-efficiency antennas are also compact, which eases deployment and substantially reduces site costs.

See how Sprint, US has increased the cell capacity of its dense-urban cell-sites by deploying the Nokia AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna.

Antennas can make all the difference. Why not make the most of them?

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  • Nokia unique integrated design ensures the highest performance and energy efficiency
  • Techniques such as massive multiple input multiple output (massive MIMO) help achieve significant increases in capacity
  • AirScale Active Antennas are efficient; more of the energy used better serves customers and is not wasted
  • In addition to high-efficiency, tight integration between RF and antenna elements greatly reduces the risk of interference
  • Advanced designs means compact antennas, leading to less weight, reduced wind-load and easier installation
  • Sites acquisition and site permits are easier to acquire, which is particularly beneficial in busy downtown areas and Megacities
  • Overall reduction in the total cost of ownership.


Nokia offers a range of AirScale Active Antenna types, each delivering high performance proven by trials with the world’s leading network operators.

  • Nokia serves over 330 LTE operators, more than any other vendor
  • Nokia is a supplier to 18 of the 20 top LTE operators, serving 73 percent of all LTE subscribers
  • On the path to 5G? Most compact Nokia AirScale 4.9G Massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna provides a bridge, with 5G-like user experiences.

Customer cases

Nokia and Sprint have jointly proven the benefits of massive MIMO in the TD-LTE 2.6 GHz band. Sprint becoming the first U.S. operator to demonstrate massive MIMO for TD-LTE spectrum using the Airscale massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna,64T64R, with 3D-Beamforming for both the downlink and uplink on an existing LTE frequency band.

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