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Access Controller

Deploy, maintain and evolve your access network with Nokia Access Controller

Your access network is the future of your business. From a greenfield deployment to a brownfield enhancement, you need to constantly evolve your network to bring in new subscribers, deploy new services and create more capacity.

The Nokia Access Controller can support you through all of this, in fact throughout the entire life cycle of your access network.

From the initial deployment onwards, the Nokia Access Controller helps you understand the health of your network, automating troubleshooting and providing valuable insight for where and when to upgrade your network.

Powerful provisioning functions let you deploy new network elements and new services faster and smarter. And the Nokia Access Controller is also ready to support software-defined networking (SDN) and next-generation TWDM-PON wavelength mobility.

With the Nokia Access Controller, you have a management solution for your network that’s ready whenever you are.

Accelerate time-to-service, reduce errors and truck-rolls, and slash deployment and management costs with the Nokia Access Controller.

  • Reduce labor costs and reduce errors by automating node turn-up and upgrades.
  • Roll out services more quickly and accurately with plug and play provisioning of both network elements and services.
  • Identify congestion points and performance issues before they impact service quality.
  • Eliminate complexity with tried and true blueprints based on Nokia’s many years of experience in deploying copper and fiber networks.
  • Reduce operating costs with integrated and simplified troubleshooting procedures.
  • Simplify and reduce errors by upgrading your network in a predictable and consistent manner.
  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of your NGPON network with wavelength protection, load balancing and ONT wavelength selection.
  • Use in traditional or SDN environments and adopt SDN principals when and where they make sense for your business without impacting current operations.

The Nokia Access Controller addresses the entire life cycle of your fixed access network.

Activate. Install new network elements more quickly and simply with automatic node turn-up and plug and play provisioning. Take the guesswork out of network design with pre-defined playbooks, reduce truck-rolls and errors through automation.

Maintain. Anticipate potential problems and react more quickly to service degradation with proactive health-checks, advanced monitoring and automated troubleshooting procedures.

Evolve. Gain detailed insight into network utilization to help plan your upgrade to next generation PON through software campaign management, comprehensive reporting and TWDM-PON wavelength management.

Control. The Nokia Access Controller’s modular architecture grows with your business, in a traditional, SDN or hybrid environment. Use the same powerful feature set across all technologies and transition to SDN whenever you are ready.

Nokia is the world leader in copper and fiber ultra-broadband solutions. Our technology powers the fastest, largest and most advanced networks in the world. No matter when or how you choose to deploy or upgrade your access network, the Nokia Access Controller is ready when you are.