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Access Network Analytics

Monetize your DSL access network data, while improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience

Access Network Analytics (ANA) allows service providers to monetize and derive business value from digital subscriber line (DSL) access network data.

Unlike generic big data solutions, ANA is designed specifically for access network management. This next-generation analytics platform combines domain expertise with insights, eliminating big data complexity.

ANA enables the anticipation of service impacts, resulting in an optimized network and improved business decisions. It sifts through the sheer volume and variety of broadband network data to provide insights and recommendations to customer-facing teams, resulting in operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction with high-speed internet and triple-play services.

ANA is a key part of the Home and Access Analytics portfolio. Combining ANA with Home Analytics provides end-to-end insights across the access and home networks, boosting first call resolution (FCR) rates and reducing average handling time (AHT) at the same time.


  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn through proactive identification of the most common user problems
  • Reduce OPEX through fast, consistent and accurate fault localization, which helps reduce the number of customer calls, improve field-technician performance, and decrease the number of repeat calls and dispatches for many common issues
  • Enable service providers to resolve problems more quickly and helps level-one support representatives to quickly escalate faults for more efficient resolution
  • Accelerate upgrades to new DSL technologies with accurate predictions that help prioritize investment to those geographies that are more likely to produce a high take-rate
  • Faster rollout of vectoring gives service providers an early competitive advantage over slower competitors, leading to increased market share

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