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9926 eNodeB

The Nokia 9926 eNodeB consists of a high-capacity baseband unit (BBU) with new LTE digital platform (bCEM2/bCAM2) and compact, wideband radio frequency (RF) units. It is designed to cut cell site congestion and dramatically increase capacity so that operators can meet growing demand while offering a smooth evolution path to vRAN and 5G.

The new BBU will almost triple the capacity of previous generation solutions, supporting up to 24 fully loaded cells and 16, 000 users in one compact d2U chassis with 50% less power consumed. It supports both TDD/FDD modes and can be mixed with existing BBUs, allowing operators to preserve their investment while enhancing their networks. The digital BBU fully supports LTE/LTE-A and is ready for vRAN/5G.

As well, the RF modules enable better scaling, feature introduction, improved reliability, and cost reduction. This is achieved by leveraging a common architecture and advanced power amplifier/filter technology across the RF platform.

Benefits & Features

Delivers highest capacity/density

Up to 8 carriers 20 MHz 4x4 FDD or up to 4 carriers 20 MHz 8X8 TDD in one D2U

Up to 24 cells per BBU

Full carrier aggregation flexibility among any carriers, including between FDD and TDD in one BBU

Protects investment

Backward compatible and feature parity with legacy Nokia BBU assets

Forward compatible with virtualized RAN for elastic capacity (BBU Hotel/ vBBU)

Remote Radio Heads (RRH) compatible with smart antennas and integration with active antennas

Provides for LTE Advanced readiness

BBU dimensioned on LTE for smooth evolution to LTE-A

Full support of UL and DL CoMP with rich SRIO interconnect

RRHs with higher order MIMO support (4x4, 8x8)

Offers large instantaneous bandwidth and flexible MIMO scheme operation

Industry-leading wideband radios delivering up to 194 MHz of bandwidth

Remotely switchable modes (2T2R, 4T4R, 8T8R)

Common platform allows rapid development of new frequencies and band retuning

Simplifies installation

Small form factor and weight

Pole or wall-mountable RRHs