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9772 Wi-Fi Service Controller L

The Nokia 9772 Wi-Fi Service Controller provides remote centralized configuration, management, and troubleshooting for the Nokia Metro Cell Outdoor (MCO) and Metro Cell Indoor (MCI) Wi-Fi modules. It ensures superior WLAN performance by enabling the access points to automatically and intelligently adapt to changes in their RF environment to quickly mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference and coverage loss due to sudden Wi-Fi access point failures. The high reliability, high capacity 9772 Wi-Fi Service controller also enhances mobility by eliminating the need for mobile devices to re-authenticate when moving between access points.

Benefits & Features

Simplified provisioning, management, and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi access points

Remote, centralized configuration and management of the Nokia 9764 MCO and 9763 MCI Wi-Fi modules

High capacity and scalability

Support for up to 10,240 access points, 4,096 RF domains, and 200,000 user devices

High reliability

Active/standby redundancy

Fast and easy zero-touch installation

Wi-Fi access point plug-and-play installation

Superior WLAN performance with Smart RF management

Smart RF management with off-channel scanning (OCS) and neighbor recovery mitigates RF disruptions caused by Wi-Fi and non- Wi-Fi interference, faulty antennas, dynamic dead spots or neighboring access point failures by allowing the WLAN to automatically and intelligently adapt to changes in the RF environment

Seamless mobility within the WLAN

Service controller-assisted Wi-Fi mobility - re-authentication not required after roaming onto a new access point within the WLAN

Secure network access with rogue elimination and intrusion prevention

Security at network edge provided with a stateful firewall, IP SEC VPN, and a 24x7 wireless intrusion protection system

Superior WLAN performance with the elimination of bottlenecks common to hub-and-spoke networks

All access points are capable of determining the best route for traffic while maintaining QoS and security policies.